Bartok, Mozart, Feist and the Leafblower

This morning I was playing through Mozart and Bartok.

Mozart’s slow movement to his piano sonata K. 311.

Good way to start the day. The for some reason I pulled out Bartok and started pounding away at Mikrokosmos vol VI. (This is one of my favorite volumes… it has the 6 Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm).

Then I put an old recording of the Bartok String quartets on to play while I was making breakfast.

Feist has been hovering in my brain lately as well. I listened to The Reminder yesterday.

For some reason these three musicians fit nicely together in my brain: Mozart, Bartok and Feist. All have a fresh and “feisty” feeling to me just now.

Started working on another piano piece today. I was thinking about it laying in bed this morning. I was thinking it would be good to write a little hispanic type piece in G major and title it something to do with landscaping (“Leafblower”?). My reasoning is that brown people working on the yard seem to be invisible to the white people. Just my theory. Somewhere in there is a bit of irony floating around.

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