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Yesterday while Eileen was off running errands, I had an odd experience. I could literally feel a bad mood coming over me.

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It was almost a physical sensation of despair and sadness. It has abated this morning thankfully.

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In the midst of this and also earlier in the week I have been turning to Mozart. I have been playing through his piano sonatas. I abandoned these when I began learning some of his violin sonata accompaniments and piano trios. Now I wonder why. I find Mozart intact in them and this is a refreshing experience.

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My foot is healing. I can feel it. I am surprised at how quickly it is improving. I imagined that at the ripe old age of sixty-six my foot would take forever to heal. It’s not healed yet, but I am surprised that even yesterday morning I could feel improvement.

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NYTimes: Why Trump Is More Father Coughlin Than Franklin Roosevelt

This article is by the Pulitzer Prize wining historian Jon Meacham. Bookmarked to read.

On W. H. Auden’s “Metalogue to The Magic Flute” | Ludmilla Kostova/ Людмила Костова –

This seems to  be on of those unauthorized access to articles you can sometimes find on Russian sites. I am reading it. It has some helpful information on the poem by Auden I talked about yesterday.


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