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So far so good. My old computer is healed and I have just hooked it up and am using it right now.

The young man who worked on it at first declined to charge me any labor. He put a new power pack in it and disconnected the F drive which is apparently screwing everything up (aha! just as I suspected). He quoted only the cost of the power pack to me.

When I asked him why he wasn’t charging me any labor he replied, “Because you’re a friend of my Dad’s.”

I managed to get him to charge me the regular charges. Still very economical: power pack 50 bucks, 25 bucks labor. What a bargain.

I re-organized my cords (a little bit) and vacuumed all the dust I could find before hooking the old computer back up.

I’m wondering what the absence of the F drive will mean to programs I try to run. I have been trying to avoid using it, but wouldn’t be surprised if I still was running some programs off of it. I’m sure it will become evident if this is the case.

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