bach, harp song and the grandkids

Eileen video-taped me playing some piano pieces yesterday after I got back from a morning of accompanying ballet class for Cecchetti. These people are always so last minute with me. I expected a phone message on Sunday night to tell me where and when I was to play on Monday. Instead were two confused panicked messages asking me to call. Sheesh.

I did manage to find out where and when to be and was there.  I do need the money and I don’t really mind the work. I was surprised that several of the young (7th graders?) dancers complimented me on my piano playing. I don’t seem to impress people quite as much as I used to judging by how often people comment to me. I think this might be as much about the way people are these days as the fact that I’m sort of an old fart looking guy.

While I was visiting in California I played around with music and two of my grandkids. Nicholas is studying piano. I showed him the concept of major and minor chords. Then I played several Bach pieces for him, both to expose him to Bach and to show him how texture works in music.

I think the C major 2 part invention is a quintessential example of two part texture. I was exposed to the inventions by my cousin, Jerry, when I was 12 or 13. He played a recording of them for me while I was visiting in W. Virginia. I can still remember his enthusiasm and my amazement at the music.

I showed my grand-daughter, Savannah, the “harp song” while visiting. This is an easy playful way to show kids arpeggios.  We played around a little bit with chopsticks so I thought I would record that as well.

My 3 year old grand-daughter, Catherine, ran away when I invited her to do music with me. I explained to Savannah that with kids that small you can play a game of “high and low.” Ask them to stand up when you play a high note and then sit down with a low one.

I also showed Nicholas the Bach F major invention.

and the Eb major 3 part sinfonia


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