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I was reading this article yesterday online.

When I came across this sentence:

“But pointing out that ‘mistakes are simply the portals of discovery’ is hindsight babel that loses touch with the reality that failure is horrible–even nauseating–and that most creative projects never see the light of day.”

Babel? I thought that was the name of the tower in the Bible story.

But no, unsurprisingly in a Scientific American article it’s a legit use of the word.


I did not know that.

As you can see, I have my online access back.

Yesterday was my 61st birthday and it was a good day.

I was happy to discover that my favorite Michigan mustard

is being carried by a local shop, The Shaker Messenger.

I had ordered it from Traverse City through the mail previously having discovered it at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. Yesterday I had decided that the S & H was too expensive and poked around and found that The Shaker Messenger carried it. They also stock lots of local goods. Eileen and I will return to spend money in the future!

I returned to the French Baroque yesterday and rediscovered the pleasures of playing Couperin. I miss my harpsichord literature. The interpretation is very similar in the organ works from the period. After listening to some recordings, I found some ways to register these pieces on my very small inferior organ that I can stand. Cool Beans.

I own and have used this excellent guide to Couperin's music and life.


Correcting Creativity: The Struggle for Eminence | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network

Here’s a link. The picture of it above is linked but just in case you didn’t notice I thought I would put it here as well.


Glen Doherty, Killed in Libya, Led Life of Risks Overseas –

Tragic loss.


More Soot Than Sparks From Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD – Review –

I thought this comparison in this article was interesting:

Fire still lags the iPad in Web browsing. It took my Fire one second longer than the iPad to pull up or (seven seconds versus six), four seconds longer for, three seconds longer for — and, amusingly, 1.5 seconds longer to pull up


Google Blocks Inflammatory Video in Egypt and Libya –

Man o man. Companies are the new governments and not in a good way.


The iPhone Stimulus –

Another argument for lack of demand not supply as the driving force in keeping the economy slow.


In Libya and Elsewhere, Our Diplomats Deserve Better –

An inside look from a former U.S. ambassador to Kenya and Guatemala.


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