ay caramba


Sarah and Lucy are in the air flying from England to the USA. The people who are helping us move the old fridge out of the house were scheduled to arrive at 9 AM. Unfortunately, this meant moving the old pie safe about three feet to the left so that the fridge could clear the door. I got up early as usual but after ablutions (and making coffee) instead of Greek I started shifting the kitchen around. Eileen got up earlier than usual and joined in. We were ready by 7:50 AM and decided that there was no way we could have breakfast in the kitchen after stacking the contents of the pie safe everywhere so we drove over to the new bakery and purchased some breakfast sandwiches. Of course, I couldn’t resist purchasing some local cheese and two loaves of bread. We skipped the farmers market today since we have our hands full getting ready for the arrival of Sarah and Lucy.

I did get a chance to do some Greek while we awaited the arrival of Jon the go to guy who was going to move the fridge. I have been organizing my thinking about the many verb tenses I have been learning. Doing this ends up naturally including participle forms of the verb even though these are adjective. Step one was to list them off.  I simply went through my text up to the page I am on and counted 18 different tenses. The reason there are so many is that there are three past tenses and two kinds of verb in each case: active form and middle form.

If this doesn’t make any sense I apologize. It was revealing to me, however, why I wanted to organize my thinking since there is quite a bit to organize. This doesn’t include the important irregular forms of these verbs in certain cases. Ay caramba.

I treadmilled yesterday for the first time since hurting my foot. I went slower but did do a full 45 minutes. My foot ended up swelling after I came home. I put my foot up for the rest of the evening and skipped organ practice yesterday altogether.

While Jon and Ken (the two guys moving the fridge) were working on doing so I went to church and prepped for tomorrow. This included practicing organ as well as posting hymns. Eileen is still bustling around preparing for our company. We go to the airport in a few hours. I’m going to sign off at this point and help Eileen.


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