at the end of a busy saturday



We took Edison to the vet this morning. We are planning some time away next week. We are monitoring Edison closely these days since the vet thought he had cancer. We discovered this when he was obviously losing weight. One of the things the vet recommends is a cortisone shot which can boost a waining appetite. We have been taking him periodically to do this. Since we are planning to be away we wanted to have the vet look at him and see if he’s lost weight. He hasn’t! This is good news. So no shot for the cat today.

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It’s past martini time (5 PM) and I’m blogging as I have my evening martini. I managed to get most everything done today that I needed to. I worked over the Mozart very carefully before lunch. After lunch, I met with my string players and we had a good rehearsal for tomorrow’s recital. Then I rehearsed music for tomorrow morning, the recital and next Sunday at the organ. By this time, Eileen had dropped by and got to work using her skills on the “Publisher” program She was immensely helpful.

But the printer seemed to running out of ink. We were running out of steam at about the same time. The program is in “publisher” waiting for final corrections and printing. It’s possible after all of Eileen’s hard work we won’t have program due to church’s printer being out of ink. But we’ll deal with that tomorrow.


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