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It’s Friday afternoon and I realize I haven’t been posting very much here. Admittedly my mood hasn’t been great. I think that might be typical for this time of year when the din of idiocy around Christmas increases to an insane shriek.

Of course the whole Trump affair helps nothing.

Yesterday in the grips of a slight panic at not having decided on everything for the upcoming Sundays after Christmas I went to church and put together my recommendations for Christmas I and Christmas II and submitted them to the office.

It is a banal time of year.

But weirdly I have been attracted to learning more about the Hebrew Scripture. Two books by Alter came in the mail today along with the Paradisio volume of the Birk and Sanders treatment of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Image result for the book of psalms robert alterImage result for the book of David robert alterImage result for paradisio birk

My copy of Lives Like Loaded Guns: Emily Dickinson and Her Family’s Feuds by  Lyndall Gordon also arrived today. I am already on Chapter 3 in this one.

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I am finding Gordon’s telling of this story a bit soothing. I’m afraid I need the soothing. I also have my copy of Dickinson’s complete poetry next to my chair so that I can refer to it when Gordon quotes from her lovely little intense poems.

I bought cheap used editions of all these books spending my Christmas allowance.

Yesterday I nailed down when to play pieces by French Classical composers for the Sundays of Christmas. This material fits beautifully on my Pasi. I am going to perform Noels by Daquin, Dandrieu and Balbastre.

Image result for Daquin 

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I have been playing these guys’ music for decades dating back to my undergrad study under Ray Ferguson. Ray taught me to love the French Baroque music of the organ and the harpsichord. I still do. It is satisfying to finally perform this music on an instrument that is designed to do so.

I usually play some of this music around Christmas time anyway. Now it sounds good.

Well that’s enough for today. I’m off to read and practice. Life is good and I am grateful if grumpy.

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