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Yesterday at trio rehearsal, I convinced my players that it might be fun to trio some of the Bach violin sonatas using organ instead of harpsichord. I mentioned this after we rehearsed the first movement of the B minor sonata for upcoming use at Eucharist.

They readily agreed. These pieces as I have mentioned here before are really trios. Accompanying them on the organ allows the second voice of the trio (the right hand of the keyboard part) to be soloed out on a contrasting stop. When using harpsichord this voice is a bit fainter especially when paired with a modern violin.

Dawn was complimentary (as usual) of my harpsichord work the night before at the Messiah rehearsal. I actually wasn’t very satisfied with my performance and spent time yesterday rehearsing for this gig. But it was nice to hear that it might not have been the disaster it sometimes felt like.

After trio, I practiced organ. it is such a delight to practice and perform on a first class instrument. I am playing all of Dandrieu’s Offertory variations on “On Sons and Daughters” Sunday as the prelude and postlude. Dandrieu is a contemporary of Bach, but his music is quintessentially French classical. I love this shit and it sits nicely on the Pasi.

In addition I have scheduled four variations on Puer Nobis (the opening hymn the following week) by Swellinck. Again this stuff is charming and sits nicely on the instrument.

I detect a Pentangle/John Renbourn influence in my turning to this early music with such enthusiasm. I received an email from trumpet dude canceling our rehearsal today. This means more time for me to practice on the Pasi so it’s not exactly a tragedy for me.

Before that I’m due in Glen for an appointment with my therapist. It’s been quite a ride the last two weeks so I have lots to talk about. As usual, I’m looking forward to it.

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