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I am running a little late this morning. Did Greek, but skipped reading Dylan Thomas. Yesterday the music went very well at church. I thought the choir sang well. The Gibbons prelude and postlude also went well. Actually it went very well. I mentioned to  Eileen beforehand that these two organ pieces were under prepared since I have been concentrating on some harder literature I am learning.

Why did they go well? They are not that difficult, I guess. Although they do have tricky parts and the postlude had lots of quick running scales. But when I first began learning them, especially the prelude, I did not understand exactly what Gibbons was up to. But by the time yesterday’s performance rolled around, I think I did understand them.

When I think of the meaning of the music, I play better of course, but I also seem to play more accurately when it is the meaning that is in my mind rather that concentrating on playing correctly.

I had noticed this earlier in the week at piano trio practice and discussed with the players as well. It probably seems self evident, but it feels like a little insight to me.

In Nigeria, the Terror Continues – NYTimes.com

I keep thinking about these troubles.

Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others – NYTimes.com

Three reasons:

1. smart teams are teams where no one person dominates and all are listened to

2. smart teams are teams of people who pick up cues from each other and read people well

3. smart teams have more women than men in them

Redefining Mental Illness – NYTimes.com

redefining it better…. I like this stuff

Holder Urges Better Data on Shootings Involving Police – NYTimes.com

It is shocking that this data is not routinely gathered and analyzed.

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