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Here’s a quick little post before I head off to see my therapist. The people came yesterday to examine one of our basement walls to see if it was leaking. It wasn’t. But they discovered that our shower on the main floor was leaking like a sieve. So no more showers on the main floor for a while. Eileen has a plumber coming Monday afternoon to take a look.

This is discouraging since we love our bathroom on the main floor. But shit happens.

Eileen is heavily involved with the weaving conference at Hope. She has already gone over for the morning seminar. She seems to be enjoying it although she is spending long hours at it and comes home tired.

I finished two books recently. The Alto Wore Tweed by Mark Schweitzer and The Mouse and his Child by Russell Hoban. Both were disappointing. Schweitzer was weaker than Hoban. It’s a light hearted romp but after I finished it I thought I don’t need to read any more of these right now.

I wanted to like Hoban, but I found the story uneven. I’m interested to see what Eileen thinks if she reads it.

My trio rehearsed yesterday. Then I rehearsed the organ pieces I have picked out for this weekend’s prelude and postlude: Vaughan Williams’s setting of Hyfrydol  (our opening hymn tune) and a lute Galliard by Dowland. We are doing anthems by both composers so that should fit nicely.

I am ready for some time off.

I invited them but my therapist and his wife didn’t come to my last recital. I was not surprised, but I thought it was a cool recital and told him all about it during my last session. I’m curious to see if he brings it up today. He most likely will but probably not mention his decision to skip it.

I understand that there is a big difference between a therapeutic relationship and connecting outside of the same. But I think that people who skipped my last recital missed me and my cohorts giving an unusual and  excellent performance.

But toujours gai, Archy, toujours gai.

NYTimes: Full Transcript of Mueller’s Statement on Russia

I read this and started the full report. It’s surprising how clear and informative Mueller can be.  I read the above because a commentator on the PBS suggested that it would be good to read the entire statement. I started the full report after hearing that only 3% of Americans have actually read it. I’m not sure I’ll make it through (probably not) but the NYT has a nice online searchable version.

NYTimes: Read the Mueller Report: Searchable Document

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