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I am now officially New York Timeless. The bad news is that there is no pain. I read today’s paper online while treadmill. Easy as pie. The only drawback I can think of is that  I have to be someplace I can connect to wifi in order to read the paper.

When I can’t connect I have 168 books on my little net book hard drive to peruse. Also I can either keep my browser open on articles I want to read or even copy them to a text doc.

I guess that’s what happens when a consumer like me is thwarted by a newspaper unwilling to market their stufff easily. I was ready to swtich to a paid online subscription. But they couldn’t take my order. I had to wait until the paper subscription stopped. Well hey it stopped. But in the meantime I’m really thinking of just getting my news online.

I have a google RSS page connected in to most major news organizations. As well as a page each of links for liberal and for conservative news sites.

Eileen’s birthday is tomorrow. We are celebrating by preordering her three games for her Nintendo DS (already done). We went out to eat last night at Everyday People Cafe.

This morning after we hit the Farmer’s Market we are off to visit Meijer Garden in Grand Rapids. They have a Calder show right now.

Life is good. Except we had water on the porch this morning. I was running around putting pots under drips. Eileen called the roofer.

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