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Whew. Quite a day yesterday. My Mom called and said that the nurse where she is living said she should go into the Emergency Room due to her persistent diarrhea. Okey dokey. So this time I remembered to take my power cord to my netbook.

Mom wasn’t in pain just weak and frustrated about not being able to shake her diarrhea.

They ran tests and she wasn’t dehydrated or anemic.

The doctor introduced me to a new bug they are watching for in people these days: Clostridium difficile.

They weren’t able to test Mom for it so her internist, Dr. Fuentes, just had her put a regimen of antibiotics and sent home. This took me up until 1 PM when my first church meeting started.

Then I had meetings at church. What can I say? This part of the work drains me because I am actually an introvert thrust into situations where I have expertise and need to speak up to help the situation.

Came home and grabbed a late lunch. I decided I would drive up and see Eileen during her 4:30 lunch break and actually got caught in a half hour traffic jam in dear little old Holland.

Went and practiced organ for a couple of hours. I have stupidly scheduled a bach trio sonata for Sunday’s prelude. I can basically play it, but last Sunday I lost my concentration when the adult acolytes came over near the organ and engaged in conversation. I don’t actually blame people for not noticing what I’m doing. I feel like I should have the concentration to persist. Last Sunday I didn’t. I nailed the sections I had practiced and screwed up the easy ending. Oy,

And that piece was much easier than the Bach I have scheduled for this Sunday.

Today I have to tune the harpsichord, then meet with my Boss and the children’s choir director for coffee and conversation. Also drive up north of town and give a piano lesson. Back to the church to witness a Bach cantata movement rehearsal (I’m not playing on it, just have organized parishioners). ┬áThen possibly take my Mom to a church directory photo shoot if she’s feeling up to it.

What happened to being a bum?

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