a day well spent


Rehearsal went splendidly last night. I worked over the SNOB (Shorter New Oxford Book) of Carols in the afternoon. I found some interesting recordings which I emailed to the choir. I also looked harder at the pronunciation especially in “Hayl, Mary ful of grace.”

I especially liked this recording of it:

And we are doing Riu, rui this year.

I like this performance though it has some weak moments. But, hey, they are an Australian youth  choir. What do you want? I like the energy.

I assigned verses to people who wanted to sing solos. And we managed to end by 8:30 PM.

Today I spent an hour with my cellist rehearsing Frescobaldi and a composer named Bibl. Here’s a recording of the Bibl. I especially like the first Adagio.

After my cellist left I continued reading through Buxtehude on the Pasi. Then took Eileen to the eye doctor for a check up this afternoon. Even though I am exhausted today, it was a day well spent.

Hannah Gadsby Has Made A Powerful Point About Why “Good Men” Shouldn’t Talk

I admire this person immensely.

NYTimes: How to Fill a Supreme Court Vacancy

Linda Greenhouse…. required reading for Jupe.

NYTimes: Some Words Defy Translation. Angela Merkel Showed Why


Camille Paglia: ‘Hillary wants Trump to win again’ | Spectator USA

I think Paglia is one of my guilty pleasures. Anyway she has a new book of essays out. I will have to get a hold of a copy to read.


3 thoughts on “a day well spent

    1. Cool! Have you read her on essays (Vamps and Tramps) and/or poetry commentary (Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia Reads Forty-three of the World’s Best Poems)? These are two I am familiar with. I think I have also read in her book on sexuality, Sexual Personae, but I can’t lay my hands on it so maybe not.

      1. I have her “Free Women Free Men” book which is a collection of essays. I have the audio version of her book “Sexual Personae”. It’s hard to listen to it in the car while driving. I need to get back to it. I have watched several YouTube videos of her either in a lecture setting or in interviews. I had my first taste of her when she wrote an op-ed on date rape. Her view of women not taking responsibility for their own sexual encounters and infantilizing themselves was a huge moment for me. Anyway… nice to know someone else in my orbit actually likes her.

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