a day off to do list


I put a lot on my to do list yesterday even though Tuesdays are days I usually try to rest. Consequently this morning I am facing a day of tasks and am pretty exhausted at the outset.

Eileen and I went and voted in the morning.


I haven’t heard the returns yet, but I’m pessimistic that my guy won. Republicans have a stranglehold on local politics. I believe a lot of this is voter turn out. People who might not vote for the local Republicans tend to not vote at all.

I was amused to see one of the pollster people was reading a Bill O’Reilley book about Lincoln.

This must be how this works. Allowing pundits and others to shape your thinking instead of reaching past them to better sources of information.


But maybe that’s too big a conclusion to jump to just because some poor schmuck was reading a book by O’Reilley.

I had two main things to get done yesterday. One, I wanted to pick Christmas anthems. Two, I had to get my Mom to a doctor appointment. I asked Eileen to take care of the second one after she had volunteered to help. She was taking a day off work so that worked out pretty good.

As is sometimes my wont I filled up the rest of the day with lots of little tasks.

One of which was carving up my other dollar pumpkin.






Also while Eileen was taking Mom to the doctor, I did other Mom things. I went to the bank and arranged to transfer money from her IRA account to her checking account. This is very cumbersome with her bank. Can’t be done online. Every time I do this I end up with a new person helping me. I can tell they are doing this kind of transaction for the first time. They have verify my Power of Attorney of which I have given them at least two copies. They end up making calls because they don’t understand their own filing system at their little branch.

I also did the book thing for Mom. I keep her supplied with Christian romances from the library to read. This involves comparing a list I keep of all the ones I have given her in the past to avoid duplication.

I did get anthems chosen but it took much longer than I had anticipated.

By the end of the day I was almost as tired as I am right now.

It’s cold and rainy. A walk in the rain to my first class should wake me up.

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