60 plus one day


I had an amazing number of Facebook friends wish me a happy birthday yesterday. I don’t remember that many from last year.

Born in 1951, 2011 brings me to the beginning of my 61st year.

My day went nicely yesterday. Included my weekly meeting with the boss, my trio rehearsal and ended up going out to eat with my lovely wife (2 evenings in a row! Last night we celebrated her new job which she starts in October!).


Sewing Her Way Out of Poverty – NYTimes.com

Inspiring story by Nicholas Kristof.

” [I]f a former prostitute in a Nairobi slum can build a dressmaking business, buy a home in the suburbs and produce over-achievers like Caroline, Anthony and Cynthia, then it’s worth remembering that sheer grit, and a helping hand, can sometimes blaze trails where none seem possible.”


Do Individual Acts Help Save the Planet? – NYTimes.com

Letters in reaction to a recent article I linked. I especially liked this response:

“…despite Mr. Wagner’s cold-hearted economic analysis, reducing one’s pollution footprint is simply the right thing to do.”


Making New York’s Glass Buildings Safer for Birds – NYTimes.com

Amazing ideas to save birds from banging into buildings.


6 Things the Film Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About | Film School Rejects

These just add to my already curmudgeonly take on movies.


The Other Socrates – The Barnes & Noble Review

Nice blog entry on Loeb classics and Socrates.


Laughter Produces Endorphins, Study Finds – NYTimes.com


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