4 harpsichords


I managed to sleep in a bit this morning. I am thankful for that but now have a bit less time to blog.

I continue to delve into my new music books. I tell a story about imagining J.S. Bach and his sons performing together in a coffee house. I was pleasantly surprised to read this idea in print. Regarding Bach’s Concerto for Four Harpsichords

“… in the years around 1730 Bach had several highly gifted harpsichordists among his pupils who could be called upon to take part in performances of these works: among potential players were his sons Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel, who remained under the parental roof until 1733 and 1734 respectively, and Johan Ludwig Krebs, who studied with Bach between 1726 and 1735. It may have been these three students, together with the composer himself, who appeared as soloists in the first performance of his concerto for four harpsichords.”

Werner Breig, “Composition as arrangement and adaptation” in The Cambridge Companion to Bach, John Butt, ed. p. 166



I couldn’t help but post this wonderful video on Facelessbooger. Very cool.  The little discussion at the end between the harpsichordists is worth watching as well.

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