burnout: the saga continues


I installed the extension “Better History” to my Chrome browser this morning. I ran across another Cavafy poem citation. This time it was in McCulloch’s Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years. I tried to remember why I had been looking at Cavafy.

I even put up a poem in a recent blog saying that I had stumbled across it. Well I’m damned if I know why and the extension didn’t help.

Alzheimers, no doubt.

Great. Losing my mind. Also feel invisible a lot these days. Burnout.

Speaking of being invisible, I looked at the Ralph Ellison Record Collection archive yesterday.

Ellison was a jazzer. I find it interesting that he preferred traditional jazz. He disdained his own generation’s innovations (Charlie Parker and “poor, evil, lost, little Miles Davis”). I admire Parker’s and Davis’s work but am always interested in deepening my exposure to musics especially when pointed at by a mind like Ellison’s. So I started spotifying his collection. I began with the 10 inch 78 list. After finding almost two hours of music  I quit in the middle of the Ellington 78s. Will probably return to this list for more later. In the meantime, I treadmilled and read a bit to the two hours worth I found. I do like old 78 recordings.

My brain is tired this morning.

I have the day off but still feel the stress of burnout and exhaustion. Hopefully some rest today and the rest of the week will help this. I still managed to wade through some of my usual morning reading. Until I ran across that dang Cavafy citation.

Oh well back to reading.

Hope you have good day, dear reader.

Mark Danner In the Darkness of Dick Cheney

This is a piece published last month, but has some clear insights about Cheney.

The links that follow are articles I plan to check out this morning.

Feature: John Carey: the constant reader | Features | Times Higher Education

Paul Krugman won’t save us: We need a new conversation about inequality – Salon.com

n+1: My Life and Times in Chinese TV

Getting inside Hamlet’s head – Book News | Literature & Book Reviews & Headlines

America’s Long and Productive History of Class Warfare – Justin Fox – Harvard Business Review

Nate Silver Interview: The New FiveThirtyEight — Daily Intelligencer

Some of these links are a bit old, but I’m still interested.




2 thoughts on “burnout: the saga continues

    1. Rhonda, I appreciate the fact that you and I have both a friendship and a collegiate relationship. I value both highly. And in fact I don’t think I’m invisible. I just feel that way sometimes, but this doesn’t apply to you and many other people locally.

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