1st day of two lip time


I finally had enough stamina to spend some time choosing organ music for this weekend. I am playing compositions instead of improvising. Since improvising is easy for me, it felt a bit like a cop out to improvise organ music two weeks in a row since I improvised last week’s postlude.

On the other hand, I have had to deal with last minute changes to the choral anthem and  the fact that I’m not high functioning due to my lingering illness. After doing some playing yesterday, I decided to resurrect a couple of pieces I like: Processional by William Mathias and Fanfare by Tony Hewitt-Jones. They reflect my own upbeat mood which is a reaction to both feeling better and the nice  spring weather we are having here in Holland Michigan.

I arrived at church yesterday to see this weekend’s bulletins printed and stacked ready to hand out. So these titles will not be in the bulletin. No harm done. Only a few people even seem to notice the prelude and postlude and probably most of them don’t check the titles.

I also did fifteen minutes on the treadmill yesterday so I am gradually returning to normal.

This morning I feel great. I have noticed however that my energy doesn’t last the whole day in this recovery period. I have to attend a rehearsal with a string quartet for an upcoming wedding. This is the one where the bride insisted on hearing us before hand. We are playing a kind of dopey piece, “Until the Last Moment” by Yanni. It’s on YouTube if you’re interested. It feels to me like a wandering George Winston sort of non-piece. But the piano has a prominent role in it and that’s why the quartet hired me.

Today is the first day of Tulip Time. There are activities all around the home where we will be rehearsing. I’m hoping I can drive most of the way over to it this afternoon in order to reserve my energy. Normally I think I would walk over. It’s not far. But we’ll see.

Banksy Finds a Canvas and a New Fan Base in Gaza’s Ruins – NYTimes.com

I actually think this is pretty cool. The artist Banksy sneaked into Gaza and did three murals.

Freddie Gray’s death ruled a homicide

Once again I was able to access this entire press conference. Although I am skeptical, this looks like a different approach to the death of someone at the hands of the police that other cities have taken. Certainly, the prosecutor is impressive.

Last Fuckable Day Sketch

I haven’t been able to get into the wildly popular Amy Schumer. This video however had me laughing. I mentioned it yesterday to my organ student who said that hitting sixty is difficult for her.


I was at this point in my blog when Eileen got up (still very ill) and asked when my rehearsal was today. I checked and it was in 20 minutes. Yikes. Got dressed, went to it and came home.

Ambassadors of Harmony-2009 International Barbershop Chorus Champions – 

Somebody put this video up on Facebooger. It’s a bunch of insane barbershoppers singing and dancing 76 trombones!

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