I had a grueling High School musical rehearsal last night. Many kids were absent so I had to constantly try to cover parts so it made sense enough so that the people there could attempt their part. The piano kept cutting out. The director let us out fifteen minutes early. Whew.

Got up this morning and put a homework key online for my students since I did not return their corrected homework yesterday (it was sitting on my printer).

Ironic how much I’m looking forward not only to seeing my daughter Elizabeth and quasi-son-in-law Jeremy but also getting AWAY.

I don’t have much I have to do today: meet with the priest, make sure check requests are in for my subs, teach a couple of lessons this evening.

I came home last night and Eileen was madly packing and was trying to figure out what carry-ons are allowed. We are flying on both Continental and ChinaAir and they seem to have some mutually exclusive policies. Like ChinaAir says lock your luggage and Continental says do not.

Also we were hoping to just have carry on luggage but ChinaAir only allows 11 lbs worth and we have some stuff that is a bit heavier than that, heh. So I guess we are going to check on bag.

I am planning on attempting to travel very light.

The problem of course is books. Heh. I am taking a history of china to Elizabeth. I want to take my Oxford Beginner Chinese dictionary. I would like to take one book to read. How much do these all weigh? Heh.

Anyway. I’m sure it will all be fine in the end.

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