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My violinist was too ill to play the nursing home gig yesterday.  She texted me but I didn’t notice. The cellist called me about two hours before the gig since she noticed I hadn’t responded. She was reluctant to pull together some last minute cello/piano stuff so I ended up doing it alone.

This actually made it easier if a bit less rewarding. I started out with “It Don’t Mean a Thing If it Aint Got that Swing” by Ellington. That went well. Then I played a movement from a Mozart piano sonata. I should have looked more closely at it beforehand. Although I have performed it as a church prelude before, it has some treacherous hand crossing in the second section. So the first half went well but those hand crossings  in the second half… not so much.

I interspersed some more Ellington with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata  and a couple of Autumn tunes (Autumn in New York and The Autumn Leaves). By then I thought it was time for some hymns. Then they served ice cream to the residents while I played “background music.” They listened more closely to background music and I received quite a bit of applause on several tunes.

I was very happy with my pop tunes and the improvs. I did have fun doing it but I was pretty wiped out after that.

I met with Rev Jen yesterday instead of our usual Wednesday time since she took off to be with fam in Kazoo today. I told her that I knew it was primarily a “counseling session” for me and thanked her.

Tonight I have another two hour choir rehearsal planned. Several members have signed out. It’s quite likely that one or two others will discover last minute reasons not to come. This is not all that unusual especially the rehearsal before Thanksgiving.

Eileen and I decided it would be a good idea to purchase some frozen pies from Cranes and take them to the Jenkins Thanksgiving in Chelsea tomorrow. Eileen has them already baked and is now baking the tofurkey for me to take tomorrow.

Opinion | The Psychology of Political Polarization – The New York Times

I took the Hidden Tribes quiz linked in this article. Predictably I came out as a Progressive Activist (the furthest left one can be in this tribal classification).

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  1. Not that this was a regular occurrence, but if it ever happens again, feel free to give me a call. I’d be happy to play one of these gigs with you.

    1. Good thought! It was very last minute (2 hour lead time with a meeting with Jen scheduled for part of this time). I will definitely remember you are willing and able. Hope things are going well for you!

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