on the phone and thinking about the word, étude



alex-09-09-2016I had a nice chat with the Beijing branch of the Jenkins fam this morning.



I made another video for Alex yesterday (“I’ve got two eyes”).

Click on this pic to go to this video.


After viewing it, they called for some live face to face. They will be arriving from China on Friday and then driving to Holland next Saturday. It will be lovely to see all three of them.




Eileen is at the Alto Breakfast. I have already been to the Farmers Market and the library. It’s overcast and cool here in Holland this morning. Quite pleasant.



I find the history of this word very interesting. A quick look at the Groves and other music resources confirms this dating of this usage of the word, although there were didactic compositions long before 1826.


The rest of today’s blog will be links. I have been neglecting them.

The Biggest Strike in World History? No Thanks, We’re Focusing on the New iPhone | FAIR

FAIR is a good corrective to most media sources. The strike was in India.

What Trump Doesn’t Understand About the Military – The New York Times

This is written by the person who asked Trump the question about undocumented immigrants being allowed to stay and serve in the military. The ignorance in Trump and Gary “What’s Aleppo?” Johnson is astounding.

An F-Minus for America’s Schools From a Fed-Up Judge – The New York Times

Some astute observations from the judge in this story. I see this as related to astounding ignorance mentioned above and seen everywhere in the USA.

Parasitologist bestows squirmy honor on his distant cousin, President Obama – LA Times

This makes me very happy. 100% appropriate as far as I’m concerned. The Baracktrema obamai, a turtle parasite is “able to make a living in …[a] most foreboding” environment.  Who would have thought that Congress was so aptly compared to the innards of a turtle.

Multi-locus Analyses Reveal Four Giraffe Species Instead of One: Current Biology

And speaking of science and stuff… warning this is a link to the original scholarly article published this week.

North Korea bans sarcasm because Kim Jong-un fears people only agree with him ‘ironically’ | The Independent

I like this headline. This report caught my eye during my usual morning perusal of google news. But….

North Korean Citizens Warned Against ‘Hostile’ Speech

…. this is probably the first English report about the story despite being from “Radio Free Asia.”

Image result for radio free asia

Matt Lauer Loses the War in a Battle Between the Candidates – The New York Times

JAMES PONIEWOZIK decimates Lauer’s recent idiocy. Or should say “astounding ignorance.” It’s the American Way!


4 thoughts on “on the phone and thinking about the word, étude

  1. Your rendition of eye got two eyes sounds very much like your mother and father. The pitch reverberation like both. I presume it is a church or era influence. Although I could be wrong. You sounded different when you made that recording for my kids.

  2. I’m older. I don’t sing very much any more. Neither do i play the guitar. It’s an old voice and sounds like it. I was younger and sang more when your kids were young. Thanks for reading!

    1. I wouldn’t consider you old by today’s standards. More of what I would consider transitional age adults. Besides it wasn’t that long ago. My old as is 16 and youngest just turned 9. Hopefully you didn’t view my response as a critique, just an observation that your singing reminded me of my grandparents. A professional choir director that doesn’t sing much? Had to think about that one for a minute. Say hi and big hugs to the China family when you see them for us out here. David J

  3. Sorry if I was a bit defensive. I should have said I don’t sing in public much any more. I have sung in public for a lot of my lifetime in different contexts, most of it not classical singing. Just this weekend I sang for my choir which is more of classical or trained singing (In rehearsal). That’s part of the technique of directing. I understand that 65 years old is “transitional age adult.” However, the concept of “aging voice” is a specific one I deal with (in my choristers). Just as in dance or sports, as the body ages what it can do with its art and with its singing instrument changes. This is a reality I deal with in my area. FWIW.

    The Beijing contingent arrives in Holland on Saturday. I will definitely pass on hugs and greetings.

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