grabbing a few early minutes to blog


I’m looking at another full day today. It’s great having everyone around, but we are all sharing this computer as well as trying to get other activities in. So I thought I would disrupt my morning routine and start with blogging instead of reading and Greek.

I don’t have that much to blog about this morning. I’m surprised I continue to get hits on the blog when so many of the people that I think might read this are in the house. I know Sarah said she checked my blog one morning before she came down from her room.

This morning I did some email and checked our accounts. I canceled my Washington Post subscription since it suddenly reupped me and took $99 out of my account this morning. We are discovering the limits of our income and that $99 would have been handy to have in the account this week. Their web site assured me that my subscription is now canceled as of next year (8/28/2016). Sheesh.

I did get some organ practice in yesterday and gave my weekly piano lesson. I think I fell off Eileen’s radar. She called me and told me she and the kids were having lunch down town and that the baby needed diapers. I told her I had about twenty minutes to get home from church, grab some lunch and take off to drive to my piano lesson. She had forgotten about that.

I beat them all home. I called Eileen and asked if any of them wanted to go with me on my daily trip to see Mary. It turns out they mostly did so that’s what we finally did around 4 PM.

Alex of course was tired as was everyone else I think. I know I was. Mom seemed a bit more subdued but happy to see us all especially Alex.

Well, no one is stirring yet so I think I’m going to quit and do some reading and Greek until people get up.

Today we are planning a trip to the Ann Arbor area to see as many of the Jenkinses who are around. I’m hoping to get to church to do some practicing and get my daily Mary visit in as well as possible hit the Farmers Market. Another full day.

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