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The funeral yesterday was packed. And they sang up a storm. Unfortunately, during the first hymn we used a note stuck on the Pasi. I thought it was a cipher (a stuck pipe) so while continuing to play the hymn I systematically took off one rank at a time. I was expecting that the note would stop when I took of the rank of pipes in which the guilty pipe was contained. This did not happen. No matter what I did the note persisted. Finally I shut the organ down. The congregation sang the third stanza a cappella (with gusto). I came back for the fourth stanza on piano.

I wonder how noticeable this event was since the note stuck was in the key of the hymn (F in the key of F major). When I returned to the console after the hymn I noticed that the key itself was stuck down on both keyboards  (since they were coupled). I took off the coupler. The keys returned to their normal off position.

During the creed I turned the organ on to see if the note would still sound. Silence. Good. I played the rest of the service on the organ as planned.


Eileen seems to be having a great time in China. Yesterday I think I frightened her a little bit when I didn’t get up and text her. She phoned me in a bit of panic. The connection was bad and we couldn’t talk that much, but we did text thereafter. This morning I texted her when I got up, so she wouldn’t worry about me.

The United States of Anxiety | WNYC

New podcast I am following. On The Media put it in their podcast stream.

I listened to this episode this morning:

Episode 1: Whose Kansas Is it Anyway? – The United States of Anxiety – WNYC


Assessing the Frequency Nurse Practitioners Incorporate Spiritual Care into Patient-Centered Care

Publish or perish. This is an article recently published by Barb Vincensi who sings in the alto section of Grace’s choir. Cool.

A Better Way to Help the World – The New York Times

Good goals, but I am suspicious of any politician talking about eliminating regulations.

Home – Solutions Journalism Network

Co founder of this worthy organization, Tina Rosenberg, is interviewed on this week’s “On the Media.” I found their web site clunky but I like the idea of teaching reporters how to report more clearly and be more effective.

Amy Siskind – Medium

Since the November election, Amy Siskind, co-founder of The New Agenda has been compiling a weekly list of “things subtly changing around you” that may point to a drive toward authoritarianism:


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