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Last night I made “Potato Pea Curry” from The Clueless Vegetarian.

I love this cookbook. This is a simple recipe: potatos, onions, peas, …. you have to have garam masala (which is just a middle eastern spice mixture… ) and fresh mint or cilantro.

It turned out great.

This morning I decided I wanted to have chutney with it today. I have read that people who eat chutney regularly make their own. This makes sense to me because imported chutney in a jar or can sometimes tastes pretty weird to me. Although I never had any chutney in a restaurant that didn’t taste great.
I cobbled together some chutney using what I have on hand (apples, ginger) and looking at some recipes on line. I think the important thing for chutney is the fruit, ginger, sugar and vinegar. I always add the obligatory cayenne pepper to make it spicey.

I have it in the pot now and it’s simmering. Mmmmm. Smells great. I put in garlic, lemon, lime, onion, mustard seed, a handful of raisins, garam masala. I decided to use a 2 to 1 proportion for brown sugar and red wine vinegar to see how that works.
Chutney and yogurt go great with a curry.

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