being married to a celebrity

Eileen made her public debut this morning as narrator for “Peter and the Wolf.”



She and Rhonda did it for a kindergarten class this morning.


They flashed pictures from a book on one screen as Eileen read the narration and Rhonda played the piece on the organ.

Rhonda was visible at the organ on a second screen.


Beforehand they had the kids walk go up into the organ area and walk past as Rhonda played an exciting piece by Ian Farrington.


The kids pretty much stayed with them. And seemed to like it quite a bit.


Eileen and Rhonda are a good combination. Eileen is excellent at reading to kids. Rhonda is a virtuoso organist. It’s great being married to a celebrity and having a virtuoso for a colleague.


Happiness, Beyond the Data –

This is a blog for contemporary philosophy. According to Gary Gutting, the writer of this article four things are necessary for happiness: One must be free of suffering (have food, health a place to sleep), have fulfilling work, have pleasures including the pleasure of experiencing beauty, and most importantly have the happiness of human love. No wonder my life is so good.


Israeli Court Rules for Women at Western Wall –

Amazing. I didn’t think this would work out like this when they were arrested.


Damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Verizon’s Jazz-Age Frescoes Glow Again –

I put this link up on Facebook too. I think the Frescoes are very cool.


Rand Paul Goes to Howard –

Charles Blow lists off why Republicans have no purchase on African American voters. Good list.


In China, Feudal Answers for Modern Problems –

China turns back to some older useful Chinese concepts.

China Law Translate | Wen Zhou Official dies suddenly while under ‘double designation’

My son-in-law is involved with this site. Here’s a pretty amazing disturbing story. Disturbing for the content. Amazing that it was released.


Dark Lightning Zaps Airline Passengers : Discovery News



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