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My son-in-law, Jeremy, also has a website. China Law Translate. He mentioned to me that he uses Amazon Associate advertising. If someone goes from his website directly to Amazon and purchases a book he recommends (or actually makes any purchase) he gets a kick back which does not come out of the money paid by the purchaser. I thought that sounded kind of interesting and explored what that would be like for

Unfortunately, when I reached the telephone verification stage, I couldn’t get the call to ring my cell phone. It went directly to voice mail which would not work as a verification. I quickly used up my three tries and it asked me to wait an hour.

I tried again later in the afternoon. Same thing.

This morning I got up and looked at it (after doing some Greek). I discovered that my phone number was wrong on my address. It was the old land line number. Realizing this wouldn’t make any difference to my problem, I changed it anyway.

After the first try this morning (which again went directly to voice mail), I googled the problem.


I experimented with the mobile network settings, but it still didn’t work. Ah well. I was just messing with it for the fun of it, anyway.


Jeremy also turned me on to the Google Analytics Live report which tells you how many visitors you have at the moment and where they are calling from. Jeremy has, of course, many more visitors than I do. But still it’s kind of cool.

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Real time correction: Elizabeth asked if my phone was ringing at all. I called it from Eileen’s phone and it isn’t. Sheesh. Now I will try to figure that out after I quit blogging.

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I finished Jamaal May’s Hum this morning. I like his poetry.

The Best News You Don’t Know – The New York Times

I hate to be all cheery and shit, but lots of important stuff is improving world wide. Jes sayin’


SUCCESS! I seem to managed to link in to a product. Cool. Many thanks to the illustrious Jeremy Daum and Elizabeth Jenkins for their help!

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