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  • From Jonny Keen on jupe comes back to life

    Glad you wrote in your blog. You wife in our prayers.

  • From Eileen Jenkins on great shoes

    Those shoes are KIzik shoes. They look so great that I ordered a pair for myself! They aren’t here yet. They are light and they are like slip on tennis shoes. The back of the shoe just flips up as you put them on. Amazing!

  • From Eileen Jenkins on good news

    Melanoma is a bitch but we beat it before and looks like we have a chance to beat it again! Yay!

  • From Eileen on still alive

    You only have 3 small cancerous spots! This was just a planning appointment. Actual radiation treatments will be from August 18 through the 24.

  • From Cindy Cosway on Thursday morning

    Getting caught up. Sending all positive thoughts to you for your well-being.
    FYI, based on some art things you posted on FB a while back, I was able to find a great book about Gertrude Abercrombie for the most perfect gift for a long-time friend. I think she might be her in a different lifetime. Thank you for always sharing things. You are a gift and I truly hope you tolerate treatment well and triumph over all of this.
    Love you!!

  • From Rhonda on Thursday morning

    No one is at their best when toddlers are screaming!