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  • From Cindy Cosway on words about the news

    Is that Les Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnati? I love it! Two votes from Cindy. If I’m wrong, I blame the beer.

  • From jupiterj on words about the news

    Yep. That’s Les.

  • From eileen on mortality & cartoon

    Interesting pics as usual!

    I also had the feeling as a teen that I would never live to be 25, etc. Maybe this is a common thing? Or maybe we just lacked the imagination. I never thought I would find anyone like you to spend my life with. Life is good!!

  • From Elizabeth on silver surfing through ideas, poetry and music online

    Nice quotes. I especially like the posterity bit.

  • From jupiterj on silver surfing through ideas, poetry and music online

    Hey, thanks for reading them. I know that my posts can wordy (heh).

  • From George Tarasuk on youthful bigotry and mendelssohn (a personal musical blog entry)

    A fellow AGO friend complains that his organ sonatas meander all over the place and never get to the point. I recently played the Allegretto from his Sonata IV at one of our chapter’s “My favorite Things” events. I don’t know if I won him over completely, but, I tried. Great post!

  • From Elizabeth on links

    whoah! I walk by that mural at least once a week!

  • From Elizabeth on links

    the article says it appeared july 17, but I’m sure it’s been there longer…

  • From Davidj on the commodification of life or i chose not to choose life

    “So Christianity obviously fucked me up from the start. Now I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in the truths I learned. I can see that not many people do.”

    “But that’s just naive old me who thinks that “only God can make a tree…..””

    Once again, David is confused….

    Hows your health? Any news about test results?


  • From Cheryl Cohen on Sheet Music

    Geez oh Pete, I’m impressed. Still. Always.

  • From Jonny Keen on burgess, dreams and church

    I collect the writings of Anthony Burgess-he is on my reading list-I have volume one Little Wilson and Big God-I am hoping to find at a used book sale volume two—I have these novels by Burgess-have not read them-hope to someday—
    The Kingdom of The Wicked
    Any Old Iron
    Earthly Powers

    Anthony Burgess is someone I want to get into someday-peace Jonny

    • From jupiterj on burgess, dreams and church

      Hey Jonny,

      Have you ever read anything by Burgess?

  • From Mary L.Jenkins on roots of my own kakophony or doesn't steve ever tire of church musik

    Your first two paragraphs are very good and meaningful…I found during my gray period that I couldn’t sing at all and so I considered to myself that I would do my best and make a joyful noise unto the Lord

  • From Jonny Keen on good grief.... another mostly church blog...

    Happy Birth Day! peace

  • From Mary L.Jenkins on step away from the hymn tune

    Thanks Steve for educating those of us who are unaware of what it takes to perform the lovely music that you do

  • From The son on king richard and all souls/all saints

    You and the grandson/daughter both have rehearsals all this week. Actually they have had it every night for the last couple weeks, but last week and this week are long due to the production soon. Hope they get better soon and not miss the opportunity. The ompa loompa’s would not be complete without my girl and the irony of nik playing a large round kid will be a must see, seeing as how is is skinnier than a toothpick.

  • From Elizabeth on 4 uses of the internets

    I think you forgot something!

  • From jupiterj on 4 uses of the internets

    The internets are for porn, eh? Good point. I do think this falls under number four. Heh.

  • From Amy Piersma on august 5th Lemonjellos gig

    Got it bookmarked! Thanks, Steve!

  • From Cheryl Cohen on a bit of a blog (music and FOGs..... FRIENDS of gays)

    Sounds more like a pharmaceutical company than anything else.

  • From jupiterj on a bit of a blog (music and FOGs..... FRIENDS of gays)

    Yeah. I knew that ad reminded me of something. Heh.