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  • From Progeny Number 2 on going for sane

    Actually, I would recommend this one for converting to RTF or word:

    Is for sure free. and for sure works because I’ve used it!

  • From Reigning Raining Reining on suspension of disbelief and thoughts on community

    I have never been comfortable with the terms “fully human”. To me it relates to the Salvador Dali dictum, “Do not strive to be modern, it’s the one thing you cannot avoid being”.

  • From jupiterj on suspension of disbelief and thoughts on community

    I guess what I was trying to express was my own understanding that I do not exist in isolation even though I seek and value solitude. In my solitude I am still connected to many other people living and dead. In this connection I find my true community which helps me to continue thinking and growing. When I seek isolation and do not find connections to people I tend to do my worst thinking and definitely am not likely to grow. But of course this is just how it seems to me.

  • From Eileen on the atheist credo

    All this talk reminds me of something that a past choir member once told you: “Don’t you know, all musicians go to heaven!” ….I’m just hoping that they’ll let the wife in too, if this is the case! I love you!

  • From jupiterj on the atheist credo

    That was the school secretary at St. Damian’s who said that, bless her heart. The rest of her comment was “Where do you think it all comes from?” I love you, too!

  • From Cheryl Cohen on who wants to be an expert?

    I’ll bet your library is mind-boggling.

  • From the daughter in england on screw facebook

    Thanks for putting these up… I’ve been traveling and sleeping the last 48 hours, so i haven’t gotten a chance to do this yet – I was going to pick out some pictures to send to David via email, have you done this?

    I may put up some of these pictures myself on facebook soon..

    love you!

  • From Cheryl Cohen on screw facebook

    Everything looks so … Michigan-y! Your family is lovely, Steve.

  • From the younger daughter on piano and treadmill news

    ooo cool treadmill.
    Sorry to hear Grandma’s ill.
    Matthew and I were hoping to contribute a small amount towards the piano too.. I may add it on to my monthly paypal thing. (the piano looks very nice – no way Boersma could reject that!)

    love you!

  • From Swanpillows speaks » Blog Archive » Worthy-ish on screw facebook

    […] my lunch break is just about over now.. if you haven’t already seen them, please check out my dad’s blog where he posted a small selection of my photos from my most recent family trip to the states, its labelled “screw facebook” […]

  • From hayat hassan on ornithology in sleepers

    i am definitely an owl. By the time i reach my office at 10:30 AM I am dropping off to sleep. So I doze at the desk twice or thrice for 5-10 minute catnaps and by the time it is 3:00 or 4:00 I am ready for action. When I reach home by 6:30 all engines are ready to go…at full tilt. I stay up late till 2:00 Am beyond midnight and even then go to sleep only when I just absolutely have to.

  • From jupiterj on ornithology in sleepers

    I have lark tendencies myself. I don’t think this is too uncommon in people my age (57). By the way, welcome! Always nice to get comments.

  • From Keeping Green » ascerbic steve on ascerbic steve

    […] is the original post: ascerbic steve Share and […]

  • From Cheryl Cohen on buzzing brain of jupe

    Ahh HAH! Now, I’ve made it to YOUR blog. I figured out that it’s not that I can’t leave comments (obviously) but that when I click on that button, the page shifts back up to the top and I just have to scroll down. Such a job. 🙂

  • From jupiterj on buzzing brain of jupe


  • From » thinking about music without caffeine on Orgelbuchlein hymns in The Hymnal 1982

    […] I do love this little work and yesteray it took on a new life for me (this is the way much of this style of music works with my little pea brain… I keep returning to the style of Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Schuber, et al and they keep breathing new life into my understandings of music). I came home and figured out which of the Orgelbuchlein tunes are in the Episcopal Hymnal. (Of the fifty or so settings in this collection that Bach composed and compiled himself, I count 18 hymn texts with 16 tunes in the Hymnal 1982 that Bach set). […]

  • From the daughter in england on wednesday overwhelmed

    I’m sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed lately..
    I keep having my serious mental lapses as well.

    I’m amazed at that photo, second-to-last. Its almost identical to the stairwell to the basement… creepy!

    i love you.

  • From eileen on wednesday overwhelmed

    Ditto on the steps comment! It looks just like ours!

    Hope the mental overwhelmed feeling will lift after this weekend. We should have everything out! The weather has been rather stifling as well – hope the heat lets up a bit soon.

  • From eileen on uncouth? so be it.

    I have to say that I have already heard this stuff – see? I really do listen! But I had to comment ‘cuz I really like your first picture! Very cool. I love you!!

  • From Elizabeth on words about the news

    I bought a paper NYT once in the last 6 months.

    I try to listen to democracy now! (exclamation point is theirs):

    Yesterday Jeremy gave me a new mp3 player that has an FM radio (super-awesome-wow!), so I hope to listen to it more regularly. It plays live at 8:00 am and reruns at 9:00 am on local radio. And I just learned they record DN! a few blocks away from my office. Neat!

    But I get most of my news from sporadic reading online — (how embarassing) (even more embarassing) (some of it’s free)

    And I guess I really count on Jeremy and others to cue me into news in both offline and online conversation.

    I use google alerts for keeping up with items related to my work (labor unions).