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  • From Cindy Cosway on dear sarah

    Thank you for playing Words with Friends with me!!

    • From jupiterj on dear sarah

      Hey! Thanks for playing with me! love from Uncle Steve (and thanks for reading my silly blog)

  • From Rhonda Edgington on choosing readings and still enjoying Homer

    Ooh, watch out! I’m going to be ruthless…

  • From Sarah on day off and some new book titles

    Sorry to just comment with a correction, but it seems your caption directions, left and right are wrong…. I’m sorry you hit a duck. X x

    • From jupiterj on day off and some new book titles

      thanks! fixed!

  • From Elizabeth on Likewar: The Weaponization of Social Media

    Great book notes. I will take a look at this book.

    • From jupiterj on Likewar: The Weaponization of Social Media

      You shouldn’t encourage me. I think I’ll put some more of my notes up today from it. It’s important stuff.

  • From Cindy Cosway on bad internet connection

    I love seeing that you’re having a great visit, in spite of the challenges. Bigger picture, fun for all! Enjoy. and thank you for sharing the pics.

    • From jupiterj on bad internet connection

      Yes, we are having a great time. I didn’t mean to sound too negative, but it surprises me how dependent I have grown on instant internet access.

  • From David on a rainy day in the U. K.

    Great picture with the bread lowered!
    David J

  • From Elizabeth on a rainy day in the U. K.

    Hamilton! Wow, jealous!

  • From Sarah on A Day in London

    I was not taking a selfie (!) I was taking pics of you guys…. x

    • From jupiterj on A Day in London

      Oops. thanks for setting the record straight and thanks again for a great visit. love from Dad

  • From Barb Anderson on back in Holland

    Glad you had a good time with family! Also, glad you and Eileen had a safe trip home. Welcome back!!!

    • From jupiterj on back in Holland

      Thanks! And Thanks for Reading! I hope your summer is going well.

  • From Mark on thank you, zuckermann harpsichord people

    Piano teacher was Lois Neuhardt… (sp?)

    • From jupiterj on thank you, zuckermann harpsichord people

      Right! Thanks!

  • From David J on life continues to go extraordinarily well

    Dad. I am familiar with Dan Siegel’s work. His stuff on mindfulness I tend to use daily. Approaching life in the here/now, without judgement, and being aware is at the crux of my mindfulness exercises. Kind of Gestalt-ish but works for me. Also, when you put stuff out into webland it is fair game for your children so I can empathize with Sarah. O yeah…and Nabokov huh. Kind of always pictured him as too perverse for me. Hope things are better with you.
    The Son
    David J

    • From jupiterj on life continues to go extraordinarily well


      Thanks for commenting! Is there any material by Siegel that you could recommend to me? I am finding his interpersonal neurobiology approach mind blowing… but I’m interested in any resources you could point me to for any of his work…. love from Dad

      • From David J on life continues to go extraordinarily well

        Hey Dad if you simply plug in “Daniel Siegel mindfulness into Google a bunch of YouTube videos pop up. Also there is another guy I use by the name of Bruce Lipton and exogenous mindfulness exercises. Again just plug them into google plus mindfulness and some of the material will show up. Hope you are well.
        Son David J

        • From jupiterj on life continues to go extraordinarily well

          Thank you for the recommendation. I listened to part of a lecture by Bruce Lipton this morning and am intrigued.

  • From Denise on Paul Jenkins stories

    I remember your dad and mom (Mary) very well. Also you and your younger brother Mark. Seems your dad and my mom had a falling out over her volunteer work for then church. That made me very sad. I quit attending church and have never become and active member in any church since. My brother Chris however, attentions Court St. United Methodist these days

    • From jupiterj on Paul Jenkins stories


      I can’t remember who you are without your last name, but thanks for reading and commenting!

  • From Mark on made it to 68

    Here’s a recording of Hampton’s hymn done by Anna Hernandez. Similar tempo to the one you’ve linked but a more pop rendition. I always kind of liked it. (Guilty pleasures…) Anna did it back when she was one of a duo called The Miserable Offenders.

    • From jupiterj on made it to 68

      Interesting rendition. Thanks for linking it in. I hear it the way these people do it. I would be interested to hear stories of how the one person showed to Hampton. I got the idea that some of the people who put together Hymnal 1982 saw Hampton as a sort of Broadway musical type language guy. I think he’s more pop and rock myself and not just the stuff in the hymnal. I have played some of his organ music and it is interesting, difficulty and totally rocks (the last phrase from Rhonda Edginton if I remember correctly).

  • From Rhonda Edgington on jupe gets religion

    That live video was way cool – thanks for sharing!

    • From jupiterj on jupe gets religion

      Hey, thanks for reading!

  • From Jonny Keen on busy day off

    Many years ago we would take our cars to OK Tire and we were dissatisfied with their service. Check out near by Maplewood Auto Repair shop for your car problems. Great people and service!

    • From jupiterj on busy day off

      Jonny, Thanks for the recommendation! I am planning on calling them tomorrow. And thank you for reading the silly blog.

  • From Rhonda Edgington on busy day off

    You’re welcome! We’re going tomorrow night to GPS with the kids, did you enjoy it?
    And I second the Maplewood Auto recommendation. They are have pretty amazing customer service, and always get the job done.

    • From jupiterj on busy day off

      I did enjoy the GPS performance. I am planning on running down some of the performers. The Ahn Trio is not on Spotify but they do have some stuff on YouTube. They are very slick on line, but I thought they superb in person.

      Thanks for seconding Jonny’s recommendation. I’m on it tomorrow.

  • From David on Hey, how about this?


  • From David on annual check up

    Glad things are physically going good with you.

    • From jupiterj on annual check up

      Thank you! I’m hoping things are going well with you! love from Dad

  • From Mark on safe and sound in Beijing

    Glad you’re there safe and sound. Holland elected the good guy… Wonders never cease. See you when you get home.

    • From jupiterj on safe and sound in Beijing

      Yep, we’re following over here. Visit is going very well.

  • From Mark on buying a piano in Beijing and thinking meat

    Interesting about singing in caves. While in Wales, we took a tour of a slate mine. The tour guide informed us that group singing was common there (1800+ feet underground surrounded by utter darkness), especially on lunch breaks.

    • From jupiterj on buying a piano in Beijing and thinking meat

      Very cool