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  • From David on fuck fuck fuck

    I’m affraid this is a Jenkins trait. Being anxious that is. I would not worry so much about it. Look for play pic’s on face book soon.

  • From David on theotokos & cooking

    Exxxxxxxxxactly. No point in ruminating over obsessive behavior. No worries dad.Besides you don’t want to worry about misperceptions. That would not be being true to yourself. What’s really fascinating is your incessant need to perseverate about things which you have no control over. Just an observatiOn about your blogs. Again a Jenkins trait. Love you anyway no matter th circumstance.

  • From Elizabeth on so I made the poster

    nice! where’s the image from?

    • From jupiterj on so I made the poster

      Uncopyrighted dover music book. Heh.

  • From Steve Cloutier on who is jupiter jenkins?

    Steve, fantastic recital today!!! Can’t wait till the next one! Your music
    is greatly anticipated each week, thank you for your time and talents to Grace Church. Our worship experience is greatly enhanced by your always vibrant and uplifting music.

    • From jupiterj on who is jupiter jenkins?


      Thanks for your kind words! And coming to the recital on Sunday.


  • From Elizabeth on what's better than Pandora?

    Hey, the Nelson-Hatch Amendment didn’t pass! And your senators voted the right way! Yay!

    You can send a ‘thank you’ email through Planned Parenthood:

  • From Mary L.Jenkins on the not so lonely monologist

    Steve, Grandma Midiff was a widow when she met my daddy’s dad and his older sister was the one who intervened the relationship. Love, Mom

  • From jupiterj on the not so lonely monologist

    Hey Mom. Thanks for the correction. Always good to know this stuff.

  • From Mary L.Jenkins on nostalgia jupe style

    I know that this makes you happy…love you, Mom

  • From Cheryl Cohen on the not so lonely monologist

    Okay, Steve, now I’ll have to read Joyce. Never have, for some reason.

    I love your blog. Don’t always get here as much as I’d like, but I can definitely see why your mom would read it. It’s as much about family as anything else, whether it’s the one at home, or at work, or the families you have created through your music, etc.

    I believe it is the “foreigner within yourself” that makes you write so vividly that even I feel as if I know all the players in your life.

    Keep it up, please.

  • From George on nostalgia jupe style

    I’d love one of those! I’m going to try blogging again. I miss all of this. This time, I promise to behave myself.

  • From Elizabeth on harpsichord days

    You said: “Since a Kilobyte is 1024 Megabytes”

    This is incorrect!

    Use this:

    1 kb = 0.00098 mb
    1024 kb = 1 mb
    1,048,576 kb = 1024 mb = 1 gb

    So, the 5 gb limit is 5120 mb!

  • From Hitchiker sans Guide to the Universe on soapbox on the shallow

    Congratulations, on having created an insular life (no, I am not being facetious), so that you can still feel there is an innate genius to individual lives. Most people are not only shallow, they crave shallow and are stressed by actually having to think. Most people just want to be entertained and to harbor the illusion of safety. Religion , politics, and the media are perfectly suited to take advantage of this. And I don’t believe that this is a modern failing.

  • From George Tarasuk on soapbox on the shallow

    I listened to this while shaving this morning. It reminded me of of relatives over Christmas lamenting the loss of “family” shows like “Jackie Gleason”. The conversation then ventured into the usual quotes off of Fox News.

  • From jupiterj on soapbox on the shallow

    Man, do I disagree with you, Hitchhiker. So, how do the other people (the ones who manage not to fall into your category) in your insular life (no, I’m not kidding either, dude), manage not to be shallow or resisting thinking? Your comments seem to imply a hierarchy that is difficult for me to understand. I’m probably just one of those craven shallow people.

  • From Hitchiker sans Guide to the Universe on soapbox on the shallow

    I am not claiming a lack of personal shallowness, nor am I claiming that a purpose driven life is superior. But, I am cynical enough to believe that most people prefer not to engage their intellectual capacity in any arena. Lets say food. Most people prefer to have a comfort zone for food and expanding their preference is stressing for them. Then there are people who are so adventurous that they crave the extremely exotic. Is the gourmand a superior person for his expertise? Is someone who reads Proust, Burgess, Joyce, superior to someone who reads Barbara Cartland or Harlequin Rommance? In music more people are going to stay in their comfort zone than is going to enjoy classical or jazz. Few people are going to trouble themselves ro understand politics , personnal dynamics, the thought behind their religion,
    how to live in harmony with the earth, or make distinctions between Seinfeld and American Idol. And moreover most people are not only going to resent being asked to step out of their comfort zone, but are going to think anyone who does is suspect. Yes, they can step up to the plate in case of say a disaster. But each “life is a life of genius worthy of reflection” is Pie-in-the-sky idealism. However, if “A Nation of Sheep” is the alternative view, why not choose Idealism. Most people would not be having this conversation.

  • From Kevin Watson on bush vook dream, more self obsessed prose from jupe & books to read

    Thanks for the nice words about John Ehle and his wonderful novel The Land Breakers. One correction: The small publisher bringing his out-of-print books back into print is Press 53, not Down Home Books. We began working with Mr. Ehle early 2006 to reissue The Land Breakers, and have since reissued The Free Men; Move Over, Mountain; and Last One Home.

    Kevin Morgan Watson, Publisher
    Press 53

  • From Ben Byram-Wigfield on church music shop talk

    Dear Jupiter Jenkins

    The mass by Antonio Lotti is one of two extant masses that he wrote for men’s voices. The original manuscripts in the Biblioteca Marciana Nazionale in Venice do not contain any string parts. Two copies of the mass are there: one in C and one transposed into B flat. The string parts are only found in a 19th century source in a library in Vienna.

    When referring to my site, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “I couldn’t quickly discern the basis of their claim of scholarship”. I am currently in the process of producing editions of as much of Lotti’s music, both sacred and secular, as possible, from original manuscript sources.
    The few works by Lotti that have been previously published or recently reproduced stem from 19th printed editions that often contain modifications or embellishments.

    All the best

    Ben Byram-Wigfield
    Ancient Groove Music

  • From jupiterj on church music shop talk


    Not sure if you will check back for a response, but here’s one anyway. Hey! Thanks for responding to my blog! Very cool. And thank you for your work on your web site and the info you provide in the response. Very helpful. I will probably proceed with the string parts even though they are a latter accretion. You don’t mention the harpsichord part (realization) which I suspect is also not in the Biblioteca Marciana Nazionale.

    I try to make it clear that I am lowly small time church musician in Holland Michigan. When I looked at your site, I couldn’t quickly find any background on where you are (Venice?), who you are (student?, teacher?, scholar?)) and what the general basis of your scholarly examinations would be such as criteria for producing an edition (do you look at original ms. for every edition? do you consult other sources? what sources? how do you arrive at editorial decisions? who exactly is doing the editing? just you? engraving? software? how did you learn your scholarship? autodidact or schooling? I do notice that you have some info about specific pieces. But I didn’t notice this at first because I was still trying to figure out who you were and why you were publishing.

    When I am checking out a site, I try to determine quickly information about the people building it as possible. This helps me come to a decision about understanding the context of their comments and the quality of their information.

    I don’t mean to challenge you in any way. Quite the contrary, actually. I am exultant that someone out their in cyberland even noticed that I am interested in Lotti and responded. And is making the efforts you are making to edit and disseminate information and music about him.

    thank you!

    Steve Jenkins

  • From the younger daughter on great. I'm sick.

    I’m sorry you’re ill… bah.
    we’re a bit snowed in here.
    i love you!

  • From DJ Blur on not as sick today

    Been in Grand Rapids for a couple years and love it!