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For my birthday which passed recently, I decided I would like a record player. I remembered seeing one I liked, priced affordably, at Barnes and Noble once. I did not have high hopes that it would still be on the floor since it was a while ago that I saw it.

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Since Barnes and Noble was having a 20 % off for members sale this weekend, Eileen wanted to make a book trip for Lucy (new granddaughter). We combined that with looking for a record player and spending my birthday money.


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Since Barnes and Noble has moved into selling new vinyl records, they are keeping a few record players in stock. With discounts, this one ended up costing me around $130. I’m listening to Glen Gould play the Bach French Suites on it right now. Bliss.

I used up my birthday money and bought books.

Image result for leonard cohen book of longingI didn’t know that Leonard Cohen had published a new book of poems in 2006. The young woman who checked us out commented that she liked his work and thought his latest album was a good one.

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I have mentioned Alan Taylor here before. I have his American Revolutions checked out from the library. It’s his latest one. B and N had a copy, but it’s kind of expensive even with 20% off. I opted to purchase one of his many other books in paperback. I will get back to American Revolutions after I read this if I can find a cheaper copy.

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Consider the Lobster and other essays by David Foster Wallace contains the restored version of his essay, “Authority and American Usage.” I believe this is a review of Bryan A. Garner’s A Dictionary of Modern American Usage, an earlier edition of this book.  I believe this essay was instrumental in connecting Wallace to Garner.

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While I was at it, I couldn’t resist adding another book of essays by Wallace to my collection.

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I came home and ordered Garner’s latest edition online at Barnes and Noble. Since I am a member there was no shipping and handling charge. It was discounted and this fifty dollar book cost me about $37.

Boy do I feel spoiled!

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To top it all off, I picked up my prescription and was very surprised when there was no charge. My main blood pressure pill (Diovan) costs, I believe, $3 a pill. Insurance has paid $2 a pill in the past. This means my prescription of 90 pills usually costs me $90 out of pocket. But now as I said to the clerk at the pharmacy, it pays to be 65. I’m on Medicare part B. (Eileen takes care of all this, but I think that’s correct).

A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump – The New York Times

It doesn’t seem to matter to the supporters of Drump, but he continually says things that are not true. This article methodically lists off thirty-on of his lies.

6 Sites Recognized by Britain for Significance to Gay History – The New York Times

This includes sites for Oscar Wilde and Benjamin Britten.

TimesMachine: November 8, 1889 – NYTimes.com

In the article on the 6 sites in Brain, there was this link which takes you back to a report in 1889. You have to click on pdf but how cool is this?

Hillary Clinton’s problem? We just don’t trust women | Jessica Valenti | Opinion | The Guardian

While we were at the bookstore we ran into Jim MacMillian and his wife. He’s a retired principal (who didn’t hire Eileen). He and his wife were telling us about their daughter was living in Iowa. She wanted to retain her maiden name when she got married. If she did so, John Deere, her husband’s employer, would not put her on his insurance. Against the rules. Wow.

Scientists solve singing fish mystery – BBC News

Singing fish. What’s not to like?

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I had fun visiting with Elizabeth, Jeremy, and Alex on their recent visit. We saw them off at the airport yesterday. As of this writing they have texted a safe arrival in Vancouver. It was a long trip for them. I’m glad they made it okay. They are intrepid travelers. I admire their fortitude, stamina and general good humor, Alex especially.


Now that I have successfully installed and used the Amazon Associates kickback stuff, rest assured, dear reader, that at this point, I am not planning on cluttering up my blog with ads. Instead, when I put a link in to a book or music or whatever, I can set up the link so that if you end up purchasing anything I would get a very small kickback.

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My copy of A.S. Byatt’s dual meditation on William Morris and Mariano Fortuny, Peacock and Vine, arrived at the library yesterday. I was gratified to read in it that Byatt herself had only heard of Fortuny because of Proust’s reference to him. I didn’t even remember that. Byatt weaves an engaging tour of these two lives and their surprising intertwining in her mind. I immediately pulled out my own William Morris books.


My most prized book by Morris is a numbered copy of five hundred limited copies of his Pre-Raphaelit Ballads. The picture above is not my copy. Mine has a bit more wear on it. Also, if you click on it, you will only be taken to the image I uploaded. No copy on Amazon. However, from now on, if you click on an image of a book I am talking about, it should take you to the book’s Amazon page. This should be true of the Peacock and Vine image above. I chose it, instead of a full book pic, because it was clearer than any of the book pics I could find.

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If you don’t know William Morris, he was an eccentric artisan from England. He believed in the beauty of made things. He also was a writer.

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I have an old paperback two volume copy of his The Well at the World’s End. They look more like this:

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I don’t remember reading them. Recently I purchased a copy of Stephen Coote’s William Morris: His Life and Works.

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I started reading Byatt’s book yesterday. I’m about 40 pages in (it has about 170 pages). Byatt writes interestingly about her subjects. I find Morris fascinating. I’m not sure how he entered my radar. When I think of him, I think of well made books, beautiful buildings, and beautiful design. He has a lengthy wikipedia article.

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‘Botched’ Repair to China’s Great Wall Provokes Outrage – The New York Times

Eileen and I visited the Great Wall on one of our China trips. It’s fun to read about places you’ve been. However, this sounds like a travesty.

 I haven’t quite finished this article.