vacationing and time with grandkids


Yesterday I received permission from Cynthia to take Nicholas out and practice driving. It was fun. Except for some parallel parking in an empty parking lot, I didn’t do any guiding.

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I had the obvious ulterior motive of spending valuable time alone with him. We had lunch together as well. I enjoyed it. I think he did. I babbled, but he got in a few words.

I phoned my son who is staying at Pacific Grove Chemical Dependency wing. I let him know that Eileen, Nicholas, and I would be dropping by during visiting hours on Sunday.  No one picked up at the extension he gave me to contact him, so I left a message. I have invited Catherine and Savannah to go with us if they want to.

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My ex-wife has been very toxic in this situation, classically enabling David’s addiction and disrupting Cynthia’s household. Though she has moved back to Michigan she has been texting (harassing) my grand kids about Father’s Day reminding them of the need to connect with their Father. Sunday is Father’s day. I had planned to visit David last night, but Cynthia said Nicholas wanted to go on Sunday because it was Father’s day so that’s the plan.

I had a nice chat with Catherine last night.

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She seems interested in cooking. I bought some fresh garlic, ginger, and mint. I talked to her about how I use these fresh spices. We looked at some of her cookbooks and found recipes where they were used. I am hoping to make tbread with her today. I wrote down my recipe.

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Today we’re off to the book store for our annual visit. We take the grand kids and give them all an allowance to spend. Then we will meet Cynthia at Miguel’s for lunch.

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I am still dealing with exhaustion, both physically and mentally. But I have been doing my daily stretches and exercising.,

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I also used my tablet to pull some music off the web to play on the piano. So far I have been playing Clara Schuman piano fantasies, Mozart Sonata in D, Buxtehude suites, and Bach English Suites. I also found a fun piano transcription of Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture  and played all the way through it.

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Vacation continues.

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Friday in California


The California visit is going well. I made bread yesterday.

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My daughter-in-law Cynthia put this picture of the loaves up on Facebook. Catherine (grand daughter) said it made the house smell good. That it did.

Eileen bought a bread knife while they were doing errands since they couldn’t find one here.

My grandson, Nicholas, had an orientation session for his new job at Miguel’s.

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I rode over with Cynthia to pick him up and he drove us back. He is practice driving so that he can get his license soon.

Cynthia has given me permission to take him out in his car and do some practice driving while I’m here. I will definitely give him that option. It would kill a couple birds with one stone. Nicholas gets to practice drive and I get some time alone with him.

We are planning to see David on Sunday. I was thinking of doing it today, but Cynthia says that Nicholas was hoping to see David on Father’s day so we’ll probably do that. Cynthia is okay with us offering to take Nicholas, Savannah, and Catherine with us if they want to go.

Addiction is tough.


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