staying sane


Exhausted as usual on Thursday, I rose yesterday and immediately did corrected copies of the upcoming psalms for the next two Sundays. In each case, we had noticed trivial mistakes in them in choir rehearsal.

It looks like the Republicans are heading for many victories next Tuesday. I find this confusing.  I cannot bring myself to vote for a Republican these days. Though almost all politicians seem to have lost a sense of public service and instead are operating in interests that do not serve the country as a whole, the Republican rhetoric is the most extreme and intransigent.

I have to hand it to them that they have reframed the reality so that many young voters (according to polls) are holding the President and the Democrats responsible for a general lack of governing even though they themselves are at least complicit in this, and in my opinion, have deliberately set out to divide and conquer those with whom they disagree.

Gunnar Myrdal talks about the idea that a democracy is a discussion between those who have opposing opinions with values in common. This is no longer true in the political arena of United States. But I believe it’s not exactly what is happening in the minds of the citizens since I tend to think that at heart we still do have values in common.

Well, I will vote as usual. I always do.

I wonder how many people making noise now actually vote. I think the more people to vote the better. Right there, I am in disagreement with the Republicans who seem to think that money is speech and are discouraging voting (especially of course among those who would not vote for them).

I am not as tired today as I was yesterday. The piano trio read through Tchaikovsky. Thank goodness, my colleagues went slowly enough for me to play some of the notes in his piano trio (which is dedicated to Nicholas Rubinstein! Yikes!).

I have been reading through Fanny Mendelssohn piano pieces.

Click on pic for pdf of entire Opus 2



This one I have found very haunting and keep playing through it.

(Side note: my bookmark service [Diigo] allows me to add a footnote to a saved pdf file. I did this in the online version of this piece. It shows corrections which my edition does not have. This feature will come in very handy for me, since I am always looking at pdfs online.).


I also have been reading Dylan Thomas in the morning.

This shit keeps me sane.

Galway Kinnell, Plain-Spoken Poet, Is Dead at 87 –

A poet I read.

Pressure in Japan to Forget Sins of War –

The right ward noise of politics is not limited to American Republicans. I read constantly that this kind of intolerance and bigotry is on the rise in Europe and other places.


harald rohlig and choreography


Yesterday I decided to schedule a couple organ pieces by the composer Harald Rohlig. He’s just one of those many composers tucked away in my brain that I think are competent.  I was madly trying to put together the information that I submit for the bulletin for a week from this Sunday.

I am attempting to make Tuesdays a work free day. At the same time I try to work a bit ahead with submitting the bulletin info. I used to do this on Tuesdays reserving Monday as a work free day. Monday was a good day for this because the weekend (Sunday anyway) often leaves  me exhausted and drained.

But now I have an 8:30 AM class on Mondays. So I haven’t quite figured out what a good weekly schedule is for me yet.

Anyway, I did this work yesterday in between all my scheduled stuff. I thought I would put Rohlig’s dates in the bulletin. I looked him up on line and discovered he died on Oct. 25 this year, just a few days ago.


His funeral is tomorrow.

This is weird. I was talking to Eileen about him since he is one of the composers that Concordia seems to be re-issuing. I recently purchased a used volume of one of these re-issues and it’s sitting next to my chorale prelude file waiting to be  indexed.

I found out more about Rohlig yesterday than I ever knew (thank you Wikipedia). He was in the Hitler Youth.

This seems lecture notes for a talk he gave called “Living Under an Unjust Regime.” His dad was a Methodist Minister who knew Bonhoeffer and who ended up in a concentration camp. Rohlig served in the German Luftwaffe and was eventually captured by Americans.


Unlike many of his European contemporaries, he obviously did not immigrate to the USA during the war, but instead came over in the fifties.

I find his writing fresh and well put together.

This is a piece I wrote last year for ballet class. Yesterday the instructor decided to use it again. I found it on YouTube, noticed that there were forty seconds of goofy shuffling around at the beginning and trimmed it.

Julie is having her Pointe class develop their own choreography for this tune.

Georgia Judge Dismisses Lawsuit on Voter Registration –

It looks like systematic voter repression to me: guaranteeing influence of money with Citizen’s United and at the same time making it more difficult to vote.

The Department of Education Offers States Guidance on Equality –

More evidence of the ongoing racism of our institutions in the USA.

When Prosecutors Align on Guns –

And then there is the madness of guns and violence in our country that Congress refuses to address. Thank goodness somebody gives a shit about this in the government.