post recital


So the recital yesterday was a blast. It was such a pleasure to work with this group of people. Everyone did a splendid job.

I warned everyone I was that casual attire was encouraged and that I was planning to wear excellent socks.

I wore my outfit to church but that worked fine since I wear a robe.

The listeners seemed to appreciate my extensive program notes. (link) I know I had fun writing them.

I was happy with my performance of the Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach. It wasn’t perfect but I mostly did it the way I intended to. I thanked Rhonda afterwards for her help with it. She had some good ideas and after experimenting around a bit, I incorporated many of them into my final performance.

I also enjoyed improvising with Jordan. We did this as background music to two of the readings. On the reading from Olio by Jess, we used soprano sax and piano. This was lots of fun as it was very free form. I asked Eileen to read the poem a line at a time and then Jordan and I responded together.  In the reading, “I’m like a bird” by Nick Hornby, we used flute and marimba and did some playing underneath Jen’s reading. At one point, she stopped and we played a short excerpt of the song from the title. On the Duke Ellington reading, Jordan improvised magnificently between little bits of the Ellington excerpt. Some very cool stuff.

The trio nailed my “Stirred Hearts and Souls.” And it was fun to do my Drek 2019.

I finally did a Grace Notes recital that resembled my approach to my coffee house gigs. It was extremely satisfying.

quick morning post


I have been neglecting posting here due to increased preparation for today’s recital. Yesterday I spent time on composing the final program for today. I  interleaved paragraphs of explanations and stories into the list of pieces to be performed. I deliberately made the whole thing personal keeping in mind the internet maxim: “talk like a person.” I was pleasantly surprised that all the musicians seemed very supportive of my unusual approach. I haven’t heard from Jen yet. She said she would be unavailable Friday and Saturday and did not answer emails. I put a copy of the program in her box yesterday after I finished printing up 50 copies. I’m hoping she thinks it’s okay. I am planning not to talk today which is a change from my usual modus operandi in this situation. But the notes are extensive and entertaining.

I am guardedly optimistic about the number of people who will attend today’s recital. In addition to hoping for a little support from the Grace community, it’s always helpful to have several people involved the program. They bring family and friends.

I decided at the last minute to include a harpsichord solo, Gavotte by William Byrd. I have thought from the beginning it would be a good idea to have a short little harpsichord solo, but realized that this meant not only keeping the harpsichord in good tune but making sure all the jacks returned quickly enough for me to play the dang piece. This is mostly true. I am planning to play the Gavotte for the prelude for this morning’s service.

Eileen is still resting at this point (8 AM). It’s relatively warm out and there is a drizzle of rain. This is actually my favorite kind of weather.

It will be interesting to see how everything turns out today. I will probably post the program here later since I am so proud of it.