ok, the news is finally getting to me


So, the news is finally getting to me. I think we are living through an unprecedented time in the USA. I read where there have been demonstrations in 50 states. I heard Ta-nehisi Coates described his father’s reaction to what is happening now. Born in the mid40s, his Dad was a returning veteran in 1968. He thinks what is happening now is different in that the interest in injustice is not as limited to the black community the way it was then. Coates expresses some hope.

I could use some.

I’m not going to rant here. I just bent my poor daughter’s ear and am feeling a tad guilty.

I’m just going to put some links up and go have martini.

Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus | JSTOR Daily

I’m not sure if this is behind a firewall or not.

Tiananmen 1989: Our Shattered Hopes – Words Without Borders

Seems to be an excerpt from a graphic novel.

Barack Obama Speech Transcript on George Floyd Death

Anguish and Action – Obama Foundation

How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change

These are all Obama related inks.

NYTimes: The Supreme Court, Too, Is on the Brink

I had the same reaction, Greenhouse expresses here when I read about the decision.


correcting yesteday’s uploads


Okay. I have changed the two pieces of music I uploaded yesterday and corrected the links on my “free mostly original sheet music” page.  There aren’t many people checking this site these days. I’m pretty sure there aren’t many guitarists or cellists. But on the off chance here the corrected files:

Westminster Abbey for cello link to PDF

Guitar transcription of Bach’s bouree for unaccompanied violin link to PDF

Dawn the cellist phone me this morning to discuss the first of these pieces. She likes it and played for it for me over the phone. That was fun. But she didn’t recognize the melody. I figure if she doesn’t others wont as well so I added a play through of the melody at the beginning of the piece. We also discussed tempo. She likes it slower (and so do I) so I adjusted the score to reflect that. it sounds cool.

I printed up the version of the Bach bouree and discovered mistakes it yesterday. I was too lazy to edit, but I did so today.

It is a bit odd to worry about stuff like this while my country is in such turmoil. But on the other hand, now is a good time for art.

I had a good staff meeting online this morning. Before that I connected with the young woman who is playing the prelude this Sunday. Her name is Cate Kreuger and she is graduating from high school. She just happened to be one of the people Jen and I thought of as a possibility to contribute some music for us. In addition to the crazy shit happening in our country, we will also be acknowledging the graduating seniors in our community this weekend, so it’s nice that she is doing it.

I was a bit apprehensive to try and connect with her on StreamYard, but it was easy peasy. She liked the platform. Jen said that she (Cate) could probably write a program like that if she hasn’t already. Jen was especially pleased when I reported that Cate liked StreamYard.