not quite as dangerous a stranger


Alex has decided that since I do music I might not be too scary.

I*m trying to blog from my tablet so that our laptop is free for others to use.

I made pesto and marinara sauce before the crew returned from Whitehall. And then I got 10 minutes on the treadmill. They returned in the mood for Mexican food so we went out to eat at La Rancho.


Sarah and Matthew dropped by on my piano trio rehearsal. I just managed to steal this photo from Facebook and upload it here from my tablet.

Well, this is cumbersome so I’m quitting.

But now it’s later in the day and I’m just home from giving my piano lesson. Not sure where everybody is. I called Eileen and she and Alex and Elizabeth and Jeremy are sitting on the lawn at Dimnent. Not sure if Sarah and Matthew are with them or not.

I think I’ll bring this to a close with some links I have either read or plan to read. The Three-Body Problem (9780765377067): Cixin Liu, Ken Liu

Jeremy Daum is reading this. Apparently the author is the first Chinese person to win a Hugo award as well as other awards. Bookmarked to check out.

Anti-Science Trolls are Starting Edit Wars on Wikipedia [Updated]

Will read this at some point.

Review: Aimard Plays George Benjamin’s ‘Shadowlines,’ Uniting Prelude and Canon

interesting review. Composer to check out.

Read a Story from Lucia Berlin’s ‘A Manual for Cleaning Women’ | VICE | United States

Another writer I’m interesting in. Bookmarked to read.

The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t – The New York Times

An interesting overview and update of digital copyright wars. It surprised me to read that independent bookstores are coming back.

Bernie Sanders Has Heard About That Hashtag – The New York Times

This is from last Sunday’s one page magazine interview. I was impressed because Sanders tries to discourage the interviewer from spending time on his and Hilary’s hair do.

‘The Shape of the New,’ by Scott L. Montgomery and Daniel Chirot – The New Times

Four big ideas in the book reviewed: economics from Adam Smith, politics from Karl Marx’s point of view, science from Darwin, and society from Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. 

Rhode Island Church Taking Unusual Step to Illuminate Its Slavery Role 

Bookmarked to read.

The Case for Teaching Ignorance – The New York Times

Bookmarked to read.

stranger danger


When I got home from practicing yesterday, Jeremy and Alex were sitting in the living room. I had not greeted them yet. In my enthusiasm to hug my son-in-law, I rushed up to him.

He, in turn, held up my grand daughter, Alex. She took one look at this huge hairy man her father was handing her off to and began screaming.

Stranger danger, my son in law explained to me later. It was a new stage, one that a pediatrician recently had inquired whether Alex had reached or not. (Of course she did so a couple of days after this doctor had brought it up).


There aren’t many hairy men in her life so as of last night she was still adjusting and hadn’t quite lost her fear of me.

I met with my boss yesterday. Sarah pointed out that she had never had the experience of looking forward to a meeting with a boss. I know that I am lucky. And I do look forward to sitting down with Rev Jen.

She gave me permission yesterday to use the recently hired tech company to help me solve some laptop issues at home, like successful installation of Windows 10, some glitches with RiteSong and even the over all speed of the computer’s functioning.

Since uninstalling Spyware Terminator and a few other adjustments it does seem like this laptop is bit faster and less like to stall. But I definitely will ask for assistance in upgrading since I figure that Windows 10 can’t be worse than Windows 8. But that may be naive of me, eh?

Sarah and I went to the Farmers Market yesterday. Eileen was at her doctor’s appointment and couldn’t join us. Sarah  misses her extended family and is anxious to cram in as much family time as possible while here. We will probably be making two family excursions so that people can see each other in the next few days, a Jenkins one to the Ann Arbor area and a Hatch one to the Whitehall area.


When we all went and visited my Mom, she was of course glad to see us and especially great grand daughter Alex. When I asked her if she had had enough family time for the day, she indicated that Alex could stay as long as she wanted. Not surprising. And we did stay a bit longer than the usual visit.

I think the family time with the added members is helping my Mom’s cognition and quality of life. That’s nice to watch. It’s unfortunate that in these times we scatter so far from each other, but that’s also part of the fun part for me as well. Elder care is a question under that scenario and soon I will fall under that rubric (the elder to be cared for).

In the meantime I enjoy my family when I see them and make the most of being alive.

I did find two poems by the late Cynthia Macdonald. Here are links.

Robert Underhill’s Present by Cynthia Macdonald : The Poetry Foundation

The Tune He Saw by Cynthia Macdonald : The Poetry Foundation

According to her obit, she was a trained musician (as well as a professor and a trained psychoanalyst who specialized in writers with writers block), so the second poem is especially interesting to me.

My local library owns no books by her so I interlibrary loaned her first book of poetry.

A 21st-Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Shelter, Smartphone – NYT

More real life applications of tech… wild new stuff!