not many thoughts for a blog today



Mark’s adult kids and their significant others and animals arrived yesterday. It was Leigh’s birthday. ¬†She takes great delight in her kids, so I think she had a good birthday having them here in Grayling.

I have been spending a good amount of time with Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier volume I.


Leigh made a huge casserole for the group last night. She made a corner of it for me without meat. That was nice.

Finished reading The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson yesterday. Good read.

It’s basically a sci fi story. I liked this quote.

“What it means to be human… is to bring up your children in safety, educate them, keep them healthy, teach them how to care for themselves and others, allow them to develop in their own way among adults who are sane and responsible, who now the value of the world and not its economic potential. It means art, it means time, it means all the invisibles never counted by the GDP and the census figures. It means knowing that life has an inside as well as an outside.”

Well, I’m on vacation and not having enough thoughts for a blog post. That’s good.


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