getting the feel for freedom

As the time passes since I began retirement, I can see how I am transitioning to a more normal existence. I find myself studying Emily Dickinson, native Americans, and learning more about composers I love like CPE Bach and Haydn and musics I love like most folk music and a lot of other popular music. Having the option to pretty much do anything I want to with my time is fun. I keep examining my impulses and ignoring the ones that come from years of church work and even a bastardized orientation toward academic music.

And still rattling around in my head are ideas about music I still want to make up (compose). At this point I’m sort of thinking of continue to contemplate what I want to make up and probably then rehearse it and video tape it. This is probably the process that I will evolve. But no hurry!

I’m about half way through Gessen’s book on Putin and it does help me understand the horrific news.

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