cooooold in michigan


A very cold dark morning in Michigan and I’m running late. I discovered yesterday that I had reconstructed most of my “Pentecost Suite for Marimba and Organ.” My files show that I had requested that Peter Kurdziel send me a copy of the piece since I couldn’t find my own copy. He did so. Working from that copy and maybe some older files I prepared a performance copy for Rhonda. It looks like I put most of the piece back into Finale files with the exception of the marimba part for the last movement. I carefully prepared the marimba part for the first two movements yesterday and sent them to Rhonda. I’m planning to finish preparing the last movement tomorrow since today I’m pretty busy.

Loretta Lynch Said to See Her Role as That of Traditional Prosecutor –

If you are paying any attention to the reporting about our government you might have noticed that Loretta Lynch is President Obama’s candidate to replace Eric Holder as the Attorney General. I think she looks phenomenal. Some good stuff in this article.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Many thanks to my wife Eileen for pointing out this article to me. She said it reminded her of me. I am flattered.

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