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I have been listening to Robinson Crusoe on my MP3 player lately to fall asleep. It seemed like an apt thing to fall asleep to. Despite the continued support and love of my wife, I sometimes feel a bit like I am marooned in my life on the island of Holland Michigan.

 Not sure if I have actually read this book, but I have memories of the story (probably from a movie or a kid’s book or both). You know of Crusoe finding a footprint in the sand and of Friday placing his foot on his head.

Well, even though this book was definitely written in the 17th century, I am still having problems with his attitude toward slaves. It’s a high point when he can finally afford to buy one when he is a successful tobacco farmer in Lisbon. Then after some bad ship experiences, he risks everything once again and takes the fated trip on which he is marooned. Guess what the purpose of this trip was.

Yup, he was on his way to Guinea to get slaves for himself and other plantation owners. 

Kind of takes the oomph out of it for me.

Well I guess I’m braced for church this morning.

The youth choir is singing and the adults have the Sunday off. I am planning to play a short movement from Messiaen’s piano work, 20 glances on the Infant Jesus. I am really up way too close to everything these days. No perspective. Probably on the verge of tipping from needing a vacation to actual burnout.

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