weird jupe behavior and 7 links


Weirdly I found myself pulling out Rachmaninoff piano preludes yesterday as well as some Scriabin and playing through them.

It must be because my student is back in town. These are his tastes. A retired criminologist he also is a singer. He asked if we could spend part of the lesson with me accompanying his singing. I of course complied gladly. This week he sang “Motherless Child” by arranged by Burleigh and a Brahms lied.

I worked over my Distler trio with the metronome yesterday and think I have improved it a bit. No one responded to my query about registration. Surprise. I am drifting toward the louder registration which was both Dennis and Dawn’s preference. It seems actually to fit the piece better.


1. Why Do I Teach? –

“We should judge teaching not by the amount of knowledge it passes on, but by the enduring excitement it generates.”

2. Some Cracks in the Cult of Technocrats –

Unintended consequences proliferate when technocrats develop public policy.

3. MTO 17.4: Hook, Impossible Rhythms

Scriabin and others have written rhythms that are ambiguous and require some strategy to realize. The prelude Opus 11, no. 1 by Scriabin is one that I have puzzled over since my one piano student wanted to learn it.

4. President Obama Vows to End the Perpetual War –

I hope the president’s words become policy, but I am doubtful. At least he said it.

5. Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills –

Foxes and the hen house yada yada.

6. Beijing Signals a Shift on Economic Policy –

It seems that China has embarked on an experiment in mixing capitalism and communism. Fascinating to watch.

7. Forgotten Heroes –

Obituaries by readers memorializing forgotten or unknown people.

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