Vacation Day 1

So I’m trying to get some relaxing in here in Keene, New Hampshire. I still feeling tired and stressed, BP is still up. Not easy for me to relax, I guess. My brother and his wife have a very spacious and charming house here. We walked to a restaurant last night for dinner and drinks.

Keene was the backdrop for some of the filming of Jumanji. Here a CGI elephant rampages through the village square.

I don’t have a place to practice organ. Usually I would probably be able to do so at my brother’s church, but he is right in the middle of some delicate stuff with his musician and it would unnecessarily complicate things if I were to sneak in and practice there. We are talking about checking with one of the other local churches.

They have three pianos here in the house so I can play piano pretty much to my heart’s content. I have already been playing a bit this morning.

is also a treadmill here in the house  where I can exercise as well.

Hopefully relaxation is on the way.

I bought a New York Times in the Grand Rapids airport. It is such a different experience, reading a paper online versus reading it on newsprint.

In some ways I prefer the online version. This morning I had to take the actual paper and remember which articles I thought were interesting enough to bookmark and then pull them up online and bookmark them.

Reviewing the paper in the online version, I realize how tough it is to browse the New York Times online since most of the articles are linked through old timey headlines that rely on being short, snappy and drawing you right into the prose to find out what it’s about.

If a headline doesn’t give me clue what the article is about online, chances are, I don’t bother to link through and read it.

I know I miss things this way, but I also figure it’s probably not that important. Certainly, it’s not important enough for me to click on “maybe” headlines and then unsurprisingly not be that interested in the article.

I actually figure it is the New York Times itself (and other print media trying to understand and use the online media) that bears some of this responsibility.


Artek Plays Book 4 of Monteverdi’s Madrigals –

This review of a recent performance intrigued me. I wanted to hear how the group sounds. Also when I checked it out online this morning, I was amused and pleased to see that the online version linked in the actual (free) music scores of Book 4 of Monteverdi’s Madrigals.


At WD-50, Wylie Dufresne Shakes Up the Entire Menu –

This is an article I might not have read if I hadn’t been on vacation and reading a newsprint version of the paper. As it is, I find the chef and what he is doing fascinating.

It reminds me of my niece, Emily, who is a baker. While she was visiting me recently we discussed the science of cooking. I loaned her my copy of Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking:The Science and Lore of the Kitchen.


Renzo Piano’s Nasher Museum in Dallas Has Sunburn Problem –

What a gas! Museum uses unique natural lighting approach to some of its galleries. It’s such a great attraction that someone builds a huge 42 story condominium next door figuring the Museum would be a prime attraction to live. Unfortunately, they built it of highly fashionable reflective surfaces that threaten the museum’s use of natural light.


A Word Heard Often, Except at the Supreme Court –

Can’t say the word fuck at the supreme court.


The Sun, the Moon and Walmart –

About bribery as a way of life in Mexico. One that needs reform.


Amid Rural Decay, Trees Take Root in Silos –

Silos – a set on Flickr

Trees and silos. Perfect combination.


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  1. OMG–you’re in NH!! I’m days/weeks behind in my blog reading (blame new Kindle, new Puppy, & busy at work…) Are you scheduled to the max? Are you planning to come to the NH Seacoast (it’s only 23 miles long if you measure around the rocks; 17 if you don’t)? Would you (& your traveling companion/s like to have dinner of lunch? And I nice way for me to reciprocate, while not in kind, for your blog trip. I’ll certainly understand if you can’t, but NH is fun (& not as conservative as it was when I moved her 22 years ago…), it’d be fun to show you around a bit. Best wishes, Michelle in (Hampton) NH

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