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Burrowing into new resources

I thought I would quickly write a blog before I get too engrossed in reading and running down new resources.

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My interlibrary loaned copy of Peter Walls’ Baroque Music arrived in Holland yesterday. I immediately fell in love with this collection of essays edited by Mr. Walls. Unfortunately, I think I will be reading the library copy for a while since this book retails for over $200.

This book is one of four volumes on performance practices. They are divided up by conventional musical eras: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and one volume for Classical and Romantic eras.

Reading scholarship often sends me scurrying to the internet to see what i can find. This morning I found that the first chapter in this book, a far sighted lecture given by Camille Saint Saens in 1915, is easily accessed online.

Although I’m still reading Mr. Wall’s introduction to his volume, I looked ahead and noticed that the Saint Saens lecture is reproduced in a charming early 20th century type, presumably reflecting it’s publication.  This is the way it appears via the link above as well.



It doesn’t surprise me that Saint Saens was hip to good editions at this time. My edition of Francois Couperin is actually a Dover reprint of one which Brahms helped edit. It is exemplary in its faithfulness to the original music.

Falling in love with Dello Joio’s piano music

Since I’m itching to get back to reading Mr. Walls tome, I will only add this section to inform readers of my growing passion for Dello Joio. This morning I finished reading most of his Piano Sonata No. 3. I am finding it beautiful. I read in an introduction to his collected piano works, that his teacher, Paul Hindemith, urged him to stay true to his gift of lyricism. I think he did. But don’t take my word for it, listen to this wonderful rendition of the first movement of the sonata.

This piece inspires me in more than one ways. Note the theme sounds like the beginning of the hymn tune Truro.

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I think it would be cool to use some of these variations and juxtapose them with good pieces based on this tune. This gets back to my ideas about programming  I have talked about here before.

No matter what, I am sure I will be performing some Dello Joio on piano at church when the organ is gone for a while and probably other times thereafter. I do like this guy. He is going on the list of my passions along with performance practices.


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