taking time off is working


I usually do my Greek over my first cup of coffee. This morning I changed my routine. I skipped Greek and went right to composing.  This seemed to work. I have managed to get several hours  of composing in today. I need to move from sketching new ideas to spinning out the ideas I have into more complete versions. I did do a bit of this today.

I am surprised by the number of ideas I am having. So far I have ideas for eight or nine dances. I guess it’s good to keep getting ideas but I need to have more first drafts done, not just sketches.

I did the usual dishes and even made bread today. I didn’t go jump on the treadmill at Evergreen and I’m not planning to skip my evening martini. But you can’t do everything.

Eileen and I rearranged the  house a bit so that it’s easier for both of us to work simultaneously. She needed to work on the computer which is right by the piano. So we moved the computer desk out of the room and put the synthesizer where the desk used to be.

We managed to free up all kinds of space and Eileen’s working on her computer on the table in the dining room.

We set it up so that the printer is handy when we need to print something.

My theory is that we don’t really a desk area these days not with the increase in very light and portable devices. Anyway, we can always put it back if we decide we want to.

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I have been working despite a sort of persisting gloomy mood. I think this comes from several things. There was a spectacularly low turnout for yesterday’s recital. Twelve people. I appreciate the people who did come out (Hi Scott!), however it was a bit embarrassing to be the host and have such a fine program and not have more listeners for them. The performers were gracious and gave it 100 per cent despite the small crowd.

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Another part of my gloominess has a  been a dawning on me about how out of the loop I sometimes can get.  There seems to have been concerts going this weekend that I had no idea were happening. A parishioner debuted a composition conducted by her husband on Saturday night. I figured this out from comments on Facebook. I have no idea what concert it was. Sheesh. Am I out of it.

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But I am somewhat consoled because I think some of my disconnectedness is anchored in my own weird point of view of which I am firmly convinced no matter how different it is from other musicians whom I respect and admire.

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So, time off seems to be working.

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