survived the two day marathon


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We made it through out marathon day 2. In fact, I had time to go over to the church and practice in the morning. Sarah walked over to Mom’s nursing home and then texted me just as I was finishing up. I went over to visit Mom with her and then take her and Lucy back to the house.  We had lunch then packed up to go visit the Hatches for the rest of the day. The visit went very well with all parties on their best behavior and apparently even enjoying themselves.

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I have decided to resurrect some cool organ pieces that will sound pretty wonderful on the new instrument. The choir is learning “Maria walks amid the thorns” by Distler. The group that was there Wednesday night showed progress in understanding this subtle and beautiful music. It inspired me to pull out a couple of organ pieces by Distler to also play the Sunday of Advent that we sing this motet.

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I began working on the Bicinium movement of his partita on “Wake Awake” and also the first/last movement of his piece on “Nun komm der heiden heiland.” I played the entire latter piece on my bachelor’s recital. I do like it quite a bit although I can remember the organ teacher on loan from U of M making snarky comments about the writing in it.

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As I write this Eileen is researching vacuum cleaners on her phone. She is so happy with the little portable vac she recently purchased to replace our crappy one that she wants to get a larger one to replace our regular one. Sarah, Matthew, and Lucy are out walking around. It’s a beautiful crisp morning in Holland Michigan. Earlier this morning we all drove over to the Wooden Shoe to have breakfast. The sky was beautiful with pink clouds off set nicely by the blue sky background and the naked black trees in the foreground.

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Podcast #191: Kevin Young & Bunk—Hoaxes, Hooey, Hocum; Cons, Plagiarists, and Forgers | The New York Public Library

I listened to a bit of this. I find Kevin Young inspiring and have already interlibrary loaned his new book.

3000 year-old Urartu castle found under Lake Van in Turkey

There’s not much to this article but I found it interesting. It reminds me of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

NYTimes: A Conservative Plan to Weaponize the Federal Courts

Bookmarked to read. I’m getting so when I see an article that looks good even in the NYT I bookmark it so I don’t lose track of it. I think this is a flaw in the NYT app, that it is so haphazard in how it allows the reader to access all the current articles available.

Outing the Inside | by David Salle | The New York Review of Books

This is a review of a collection of work by Louise Bourgeois.  I admire her work immensely. All of the pics into today’s blog are of her stuff.

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