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Blogging later in the day again today. Eileen and I hit the ground running this morning. I got up did dishes and began moving my stuff out of the master bedroom on the main floor where we plan to have Mark and Leigh stay during their impending visit.

My daughter, Sarah, skyped us from England. That was nice. I had a shrink appointment and needed to get some practice in as well. Blogging had to wait. I still have some tasks I need to get done. I need to transpose down hymn 250 so that it won’t be very high on the day after New Year’s Eve.

It’s after 2 PM local time and no guests have arrived. We are now prepared for them.

I have been messing with my new tablet. It’s easier the second time round despite the fact that I didn’t get another Samsung.

Well, that’s all I have time for right now. More tomorrow.

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