sheepish, sorry, and hoping for the return of groove

Did you know that if you use Google apps on your phone that it can find the phone for you, just like it finds you for Maps?

In other words, I could have pinged my phone by simply googling “find my phone.” When the guy at the Verizon store did this for me yesterday either the phone’s battery was dead or someone turned it off.  I got the same response today. That was an expensive lesson. I had to pay off my old phone and buy a new one yesterday. Since my phone was pretty new it cost me about $575 to pay it off plus money down on the new one.

I was grumpy yesterday. I drank too much last night and this morning I am hung over and feeling properly sheepish and sorrowful about being such an idiot and drinking too much.

So grumpy yesterday, sheepish today.

After I bought a phone (with Eileen’s wise counsel), we immediately went to Model Drugs and I purchased a better purse for myself. I believe that my phone fell out of my old one. I bought a Baggallini with a pocket that snaps on the front in which my phone fits snugly.

Image result for baggallini snap pocket

Then we went by the Social Security office. It wasn’t crowded but my new phone wasn’t that charged up so that I couldn’t sit and play with it while we waited. So I put off checking that SS knows my Mom is dead and has suspended her payments to another day.

Then we went to the library and dropped off two boxes of books. Eileen picked up a book on hold. Then to Bibles for Mexico with a car load of shit we are getting rid of.

Today I’m basically back at work. I just emailed Sunday’s music into the office. I have to look carefully at the Messiah score. I have a rehearsal tomorrow evening in Grand Haven at 7 PM. I’m playing harpsichord for this. I am grateful to be asked to work with Nick Palmer. He’s a good dude.

Now I’m off to go exercise for the first time in many days. Hopefully I’ll be getting my groove back soon.


Here are five steps to take to get your groove back.
  1. Move your body. When lots of changes are happening, daily movement is often the first thing to go. …
  2. Appreciate yourself and others. …
  3. Relax deeply. …
  4. Get creative. …
  5. Drink up, buttercup!

5 Steps To Get Your Groove Back After Being In A Rut – mindbodygreen…/5-steps-to-get-your-groove-back-after-being-in-a-r…

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