sheepish jupe


I killed my tablet last night. I was handling it roughly feeling frustrated that it wasn’t doing what I wanted it do and the front panel cracked. I mean really cracked. I managed to get it to do what I wanted (which was listen to an audio book so I could fall asleep), however, I was worried that small pieces of glass were possibly coming off it. This morning when I looked at it in the light I decided it was not safe to use and that very small pieces of glass might actually be coming from it. Dang.

AND I left my phone at church last night and was too tired to go fetch it. So I have one device left: my computer.

Eileen got up and took it well that I had destroyed my tablet. We’re getting ready to go to the phone store. Her phone has a cracked screen as well. So we need two new devices. I feel very dumb about breaking my tablet.

We’re hoping they can transfer some data from my old tablet to a new one. It’s still functioning. It’s just that webbing of cracks all over  the touch screen make it difficult to use. Plus it’s not safe. Sheesh.

Another short blog today. I have stuff to do.

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