passport apps in the mail


Eileen and I filled out our forms for our passports renewal today. Then we went and had pics taken and mailed the whole shebang.

It’s a rainy day in Holland Michigan. Eileen’s sister, Nancy, is dropping by and bringing canning supplies (at least I think that’s what’s going on). Eileen has a guild meeting tonight and I have a worship commission meeting.

Good obits from recent papers:

Susan Hiller, 78, Maker of Dreamlike Conceptual Art, DiesĀ 

Erik Olin Wright, 71, Dies; Marxist Sociologist With a Pragmatic Approach

Rena Karefa-Smart, 97, Leader in Ecumenical Movement, is Dead

Plus this interesting article on digital journalism.

Digital Media: What Went Wrong – The New York Times

I almost forgot my friend’s eloquent letter:
Hope College Music department is bankrupt ethically as far I can see.

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