Mostly Music Monday

Today’s random music.

I first heard this piece performed by Russian Renaissance.

Russian Renaissance - Wheaton College, IL

They were amazing.

A couple of interesting articles in yesterday’s NYT.

Asians are represented in Classical music, but are they seen?

This is told strictly from the Classical music world point of view, but still interesting.

A Violinist on how to empower Asian musicians by Jennifer Koh

I was particularly pleased to see an article by an actual musician as a sidebar to the original. Click on Koh’s name above to go to her web site.

Jennifer Koh: Violin Fantasies

It pays to read the comments on both articles despite the inevitable racism in many.

Finally, once again Primephonic recommended an amazing album. It was perfect for morning stretches today. Here’s the YouTube version.

Evelyn Glennie rocks.

Percussionist Evelyn Glennie | Royal Shakespeare Company

Apparently, Tower wrote the piece for her. The “strike” is the strike of a mallet or a drum stick. The “zone” refers to the fact that Tower wanted Glennie’s instruments strung along the stage so that Glennie moved from the dulcet sounds of the vibraphone to drums. Very cool. Couldn’t find a live performance on YouTube.


Chopin and attitude adjustment

This  morning I was in the mood for Chopin. I listened to an entire album by Gregory Sokolov on my Primephonic app as I did my morning routines. The album was recorded in 2012. The above video of an album by the same dude was uploaded in 2017 and the recording was done in 1990. I like the way he played these wonderful pieces on the recording on Primephonic.

Documentarian Stanley Nelson Tells Miles Davis' Story in "Birth of the Cool" | WDET

Speaking of Chopin, I was reminded of this quote from pianist, René Urtregetthis morning.

“One night at club (Club st-Germain in Paris), after hours, everybody had left. It was about 3 a.m. We had a few drinks, and I went to the piano and played the Fantasie-Impromptu in C# minor by Chopin. When it was finished, Miles said, ‘René, i’d have my right arm cut off if I could that.’ He had tears in eyes.” from So What: The Life of Miles Davis by John Szwed, p. 156.

I seem to have had a major attitude adjustment about church work. This morning I felt very relaxed about the morning Eucharist. After church, my energy was much higher than usual. Eileen and I went for lunch at the Biscuit. We had to wait for 45 minutes to be seated.

After a lovely brunch, we went grocery shopping. After that, I helped Eileen flip our new dishwasher on its back so she could adjust its wheels.

Admittedly, I am tired now. But usually church is enough to kick my butt for the day.

Eileen attributes this to my impending retirement. She said after she had decided to retire from the library she experienced a similar thing.