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Eileen has left for Whitehall. She is going to take her Mom to a cemetery and then do her hair. We had breakfast, boggled, and visited the farmer’s market before she left. I am scheduled to get an hour on the Pasi today during Martin’s lunch break. He is bearing down hard to finish the instrument. I think he misses his wife and his garden.

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I met yesterday with a violinist from Grace. She is a senior at GVSU who came up to me recently after a service and said she would be home from college for the summer and would like to do some playing. We read Dvořák’s  Violin Sonatina, Opus 100. She had played the first movement for her junior jury. It was fun to read through it with her. We are going to meet again next Friday.


I gave her the second violin part to a string trio version of German Dances by Haydn. I want her and the string players from my piano trio to learn one or two or at least read through them. I think it would be cool to have them play at church sometime.

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Also, I want to pick out a good solid trio sonata to perform with the strings. That way we could all play together since a baroque trio sonata requires two solo instruments (the violins in this case) and a continuo setup (keyboard and cello in this case).

My college student violinist has some experience in improvising and composing. I’m hoping to connect with her around those two ideas. How nice to meet people who improvise and don’t limit to 20th century jazz.

I’m working on an order for my upcoming June 4 recital. I have to make “Grace Notes” facebooger page today. Here’s what I’m think of at this point:

1. “It don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing” Ellington, choir and piano

2. Allegro (excerpt) from Mozart violin sonata in G minor

3. Hymn “O Holy Spirit, by whose breath” H 501
Choir to sing first verse alone, then all

4. Komm, Gott Schopfer by Bach (based on tune of H 501)

5. “God is gone up with a shout” by Healey Willan, choir organ

6. Jenkins trio “Stirred Hearts and Souls” (2017)

7. Psalm 150, maybe alternate choir alone with all on Anglican Chant

8. “O Sing Joyfully” by Battan a Capella choir

9. Canzona for bass instrument and continuo by Frescobaldi cello organ

10. “If Ye love me” by Cooman

11. Hymn “When in our music God is glorified” H 420 with 2 descants

I’m also thinking of printing the words to the Ellington in the program. And if it seems like the thing to do, invite all to sing along on it after this hymn, but keep it flexible by not putting that in the program.

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I had a full day yesterday. I found myself catching up on tasks like proofing a press release for the June recital (probably too late to be effective), paying my Mom’s bills, ordering organ education material (coloring books), giving a lesson, rehearsing with my string players and practicing organ at St. Francis. Whew. Today I only have one meeting scheduled. It is with a college student who is a member of Grace and plays violin. I’m hoping to have her do some playing this summer. This will be our first meeting. I will try to assess what is reasonable to expect from her. Besides that all I have to do is practice.

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Snakes hanging from the top of a cave’s opening, co-operating and grabbing bats.

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The violinist who did the Cage silence piece on violin (instead of the usual piano silence)  tuned before going on stage. Very cool.

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Official video about the show.

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Eileen and I were talking this morning about the newly elected rep from Montana’s assault on a Guardian reporter and subsequent public approval of same by one of his supporters. We live a time of hate in America. But it’s not new. It has been there all along. Trump and the Alt right internetters have released it from public disapproval.

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