jupe rests up to go back and practice at church


The prep nurse for my surgery failed to call me yesterday. I expected her to review pre-op procedure and tell me when I was to arrive on Monday for my pre-surgery injection of radioactive dye for them to trace on Tuesday. I called several numbers today but apparently they are closed for the weekend. No harm done. I have a pamphlet that the surgeon’s nurse took us through with basically all the info and the nurse I talked to at my surgeon’s office indicated that the Monday procedure would probably be later in the day.

I didn’t feel like getting up early this morning but I had to in order to arrive at church an hour before the 10 AM funeral. The family requested “light jazz” on the piano for the prelude and postlude so that’s what they got. And I played “Bye bye Blackbird” for the postlude as people exited. If it was good enough for Keith Jarrett to record in honor of his colleague Miles Davis I figure it’s good enough for an Episcopalian funeral where they requested “light jazz” on the piano.

Beginning today I’m supposed to shower with some sort of anti bacterial soap. I was expecting the nurse to tell me to shave my left cheek prior to surgery.  But since she didn’t call I’m not planning to do so until I have to.

I’m fairly tired this afternoon but am seriously considering going over to the church and practicing. Who knows how much I will feel like doing so after surgery? I did find  a Buxtehude piece that wasn’t one of my top ten pieces that I don’t really want to do since I feel like I play them to death (dating back to the 70s fer chrissake).

Tonight is my last martini until the surgery. Eileen and I stayed up last night waiting for a call from the nurse from the surgery people.We finally went to bed around 8 or so. The preregister nurse said they would contact me before 7:30 PM. When I got up this morning, there was no indication that anyone had called on my cell. Whippy skippy. I do hope they do surgery better than pre-op.

a day well spent


Rehearsal went splendidly last night. I worked over the SNOB (Shorter New Oxford Book) of Carols in the afternoon. I found some interesting recordings which I emailed to the choir. I also looked harder at the pronunciation especially in “Hayl, Mary ful of grace.”

I especially liked this recording of it:

And we are doing Riu, rui this year.

I like this performance though it has some weak moments. But, hey, they are an Australian youth  choir. What do you want? I like the energy.

I assigned verses to people who wanted to sing solos. And we managed to end by 8:30 PM.

Today I spent an hour with my cellist rehearsing Frescobaldi and a composer named Bibl. Here’s a recording of the Bibl. I especially like the first Adagio.

After my cellist left I continued reading through Buxtehude on the Pasi. Then took Eileen to the eye doctor for a check up this afternoon. Even though I am exhausted today, it was a day well spent.

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