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Yesterday was the first day I did no Greek for a long time.  I don’t remember putting it off all the time I have been working on it. That has been for a few years. Just like this morning I sneaked over to church before Martin Pasi arrived to get in some rehearsal on the instrument. Thursday mornings find me tired from rehearsal the night before and this morning is no exception. But on both the past two mornings I had a little shot of adrenaline to get over practice upcoming organ music.

I am planning to play and conduct Sunday’s anthem from the organ console. This always takes extra preparation.  Plus I only have a limited number of ranks (sets of pipes) available and have to think carefully about which ones to use to accompany the choir.  After last night I think I have a good idea of how to do it. Now I have make sure I can actually do it.  Chances are, I will be able to do it competently.

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The trio is coming to my house today for our weekly rehearsal. We do this on Feeding America weeks since that project begins to fill up the parking lot right about the time we leave. Last night we had a person interrupt the beginning of choir rehearsal. He seemed to speak no English and have his Feeding American nights mixed up. Luckily the Methodist minister who sings in the bass section does. He later confided that the guy was drunk. Ah, the life of a church musician.

U.S. Census director resigns amid turmoil over funding of 2020 count – The Washington Post

Thank you, daughter Elizabeth, for pointing this story out.

Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law Suppressed 200,000 Votes in 2016 (Trump Won by 22,748) | The Nation

It’s hard to believe the reactionary right has any respect for self rule/democracy.

The oldest evidence of life on land has been found in Australia and may point to life on Mars | Business Insider

Very cool. thanks to Cassidy Cosway (daughter of my niece, Cindy Cosway, does that maker her a great niece? anyway she’s great!) for pointing this article out.

Two Ruminations on a Homeless Brother – The New Yorker

An amazing short story written (and read) by David Means, author of Dystopia, a find read itself.

All of Trump’s campaign statements just vanished from his website. So let’s remember them. – The Washington Post

I resubscribed to a digital edition of The Washington Post this morning. I keep bookmarking their articles. This is a good one to keep handy.

 This looks very weird to me. Since when is shouting against the law?


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  1. Thanks for the “shout out” to Cassidy! She is really immersing herself in Australia. I will not be surprised if she returns there.

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