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Met yesterday with Linda Graham the chair of the Dance department at Hope College. Drove out to her home near the lake and sat on her back porch and talked for a while. We seemed to have a sort of meeting of minds regarding music and dance. I’m still processing our conversation. It’s so unusual for me to get past the first step of connection with new people these days. I’m ill prepared to consider going on into deeper and more interesting collaborations.

I sort of got the idea that she was trying to draw me into working with her and the dance department. This is very flattering, especially considering the fact that I find her aesthetic extremely palatable and coherent (high praise from me).

I am trying to figure out why she is so interested in me. First of all, they have lost a rehearsal keyboard player who seemed to be highly satisfactory. Secondly, I think she is impressed that I was able to hang in their as a keyboard player with the summer ballet dance people. I got the impression that this might be a bit unusual with the Ceccetti people. I’m not sure I’m as good as she thinks I am.

On the way out I was remembering a meeting that a friend of mine and I set up with some prospective bar band collaborators. My friend and I were sitting and having coffee in the designated meet place. Two clean cut men walked in and desperately started looking at everyone but us (avoiding our glance and murmuring to each other). They were obviously put off by my friend’s and my scraggly appearance. Some bar gigs need clean cut, good looking guys I guess. They sat down and we had an awkward chat.

But my meeting with Linda Graham was much different than that.  It was fun to talk to someone with a bit broader view of the world and art. I sure do like that.

Basically I think she needs a rehearsal pianist for a pretty picky ballet teacher. She left me with another offer (I had declined the first one by email). I’m really not sure what to do with this. I haven’t actually gotten my freedom set up for the fall. I was hoping not to have a commitment (beyond church and other little projects) this fall and see what that was like.

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